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Author: Gideon Ansell
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You can effectively run a complete research department with this single app. Keep an ongoing list of potential participants for research, create studies, schedule participants for research or usability tests, and maintain a repository of research results. The person scheduling the test can use the app for contacting potential participants and assigning them to tests, The person organizing the study can keep all the data about the individual tests and the final analysis and recommendations, Finally, all people interested in the studies can use this as a research knowledge base. The app includes links to popular usability and research sites as well as sample NDA, screener, and test plan documents. This basic version has a single home page for all roles and all users have the same permissions. See the full version for the same app with self-registration for potential participants and separate home pages for different roles.


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good starting app

By over 3 years ago

The app gives enough to start with. Customization is required, especially if you are managing several research topics and want to cluster them in a better way.

Great app!

By over 3 years ago

I really enjoyed this app for tracking and managing my research - it ended up being a bit more robust than what I'm looking for, but it was great to have all of the features already laid out!

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Gideon Ansell

I manage the Experience Design team for Quickbase. In addition to designing the product I'm also an avid user of Quickbase for managing and tracking dozens of different things for our entire team. I really enjoy sharing the apps I create with others so they can see the value and potential of Quickbase.