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Author: Kandi Begue
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Resource for tracking and managing proposals

****Notes from the Curator****

This is a simple two table app that lets one effectively track proposals and the line items needed for that proposal. While written for a specific industry it can be easily adapted to other businesses.


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Wasn't real time

By over 3 years ago

I found this to not be useful for my line of work (lawyer). I wanted to know when my proposals were read in real-time. That way I can follow up when my proposal was fresh in my clients mind. I found Saydoc to be a much better product for that purpose. It lets me know how much time was spent on each page, search queries, and even add login credentials or self-destruct the proposal. Hope this helps!


By over 3 years ago

This may work for a different type of business but it was not helpful for me in the consulting field. In the end I customized my own.

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