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Author: Rory Wingham
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What it Does This wedding planning application makes it simple to plan, track, budget, and manage your wedding. Problems it Solves Weddings are extremely fun but organizing and hosting the event involves a lot of work. Tracking tasks and your budget through spreadsheets gets a little cumbersome over time especially when its easiest to track all your wedding related activities in a single place. Attention to detail counts and by using QuickBase to manage all the details pertaining to your wedding, you'll be freed up to spend more time doing the fun stuff! Who it is for This application is for anyone who is planning a wedding or is looking for ideas about what to track during the planning process. Features Control your budget Manage guests, their RSVPs, special needs, and create your seating arrangement Keep track of your gifts and who you've sent thank you cards too Store all your vendor information in a single easy to access place Add files, images, notes, and links to your wedding binder


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This can be very handy

By over 3 years ago

This is a wonderful app for any kind of event planning, not just a wedding. Few simple tweaks will be enough to fit your needs!

complete, but not overdone wedding planner app

By over 3 years ago

A really nice feature of this app is the "households" feature.  You can track your guests in households, so that while you keep the humans separate so they all have seats assigned, you get gifts from a household.  Makes perfect sense.  The only weird thing (and why not 5 stars) is how categories for budgets work.  I don't understand why that is tracked in a separate, hidden table as a multi-choice lookup field that seems to point to an empty table.  This doesn't seem to be working well at all.  But probably could just convert this field to a regular multiple choice and be good to go....