Project Manager with Estimates and Invoices

Author: Justin Lapier
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This application allows you to prepare Estimates for customers, then turn them into projects and once a project is complete you can then Invoice, and Receive Payments against those invoices.


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Too Complicated

By over 3 years ago

First joining up I figured it was a collection of "apps". I had no idea there were tables and fields that are custom put together (like an MS Access app) to build these.(i.e. I had no idea of the back-end side). Once I figure this out, I had no idea how the controls where linked with fields, and tables, etc., so had no idea, without trial and error, what was what, nor (even after searching help) the relationship between controls, fields, tables, forms, etc., nor how to modify the form fields, html, etc. On top of this, there's no *clear* way to move the data between this and Quickbooks Online, so I gave up. I have no time to "hunt" for this basic info that should be easily found inline with the system. The "canned" apps never do it all well, and usually need customizing, and having issues with it will only hurt the products success.

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Justin Lapier

I am a Product Specialist & trained Six Sigma Black Belt with the Quickbase team. My role consists of meeting with clients to help define the proper workflow, and train them to customize Quickbase applications to fit their processes and needs.