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Notifications, Subscriptions and Reminders

Special app for the 6/17/2015 webinar "Notifications, Subscriptions and Reminders - Webinar App." If you plan on attending this webinar, feel free to download this app so you can learn and build while our host Benjamin takes you through a few easy ways to make your apps more user-friendly and streamlined.
Live Webinar: Notifications, Subscriptions and Reminders
Wednesday, June 17th at 2pm ET/ 11 AM PT
Speaker: Benjamin Buday, QuickBase Sales Engineer
Youâve created a thoughtfully-designed app and users are ready to log in, but when users arenât in QuickBase, how will they know when data is added, changed or removed? How will they keep track of critical dates, like deadlines?
Attend our live webinar to learn how to:
Create notifications to inform users when someone has added, changed or deleted data
Build subscription e-mails to send users reports they use on a scheduled basis
Set reminders to avoid missing deadlines and other critical dates
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