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Use this database to rate your favorite movies...or your least favorite...or any movie you want to comment on. Add a movie to the Movies table, then add your opinion to the Reviews table. You can rate other people's Movie entries as well. Feel free to let loose... 5 - One of the best ever - A+ 4 - Very good - A 3 - Good - B 2 - So-so - C 1 - Poor - D 0 - One of the worst ever - F


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A simple app which could use some sample data.

By over 3 years ago

This is a simple application that is obviously designed for a specific purpose. The creator added in a few reports that would be useful in a well-populated application. This application could really benefit from some sample data. In addition the Movies table could use a few more fields on it for data such as a link to the imdb or wikipedia page related to the movie in question.

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