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Author: Noah M.
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***Notes from the Curator***

This application is a modified version of the popular "Marketing All-In-One". It was submitted by a user at a medical staffing company located in Alaska.

This application tracks:

- Programs
- Prospective Clients
- Collateral
- Press Releases

The Prospective Clients table includes some hospital specific references such as:

- Hospital/Clinic Name
- Contact Name
- State Located In
- Address
- Relationship Status

***Original App Description***

Includes Marketing Programs, Customer References, Collateral and Press Releases all in one easy-to-share application.


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By over 3 years ago

This application is so effective and friendly to use

This is a Decent App

By over 3 years ago

This is a decent app for any marketing firms who want to track basic information regarding potential clients. This app is easy to navigate and operate. While this app seems to be created specifically for marketing firms this app can easily be updated to accommodate any company in any industry to track potential clients and sales opportunities. One thing I would add to this app is the potential dollars that can be generated by each potential client profiled in the app. Also, I would combine all of the tables into one main client table/section. That way users will not need to switch to multiple tables/forms in order to create a complete client profile.

Missing: Crucial Elements as a Marketing Manager App

By over 3 years ago

Opening this app looking for marketing management assistance, I was both surprised and disappointed to discover that the app appears to be designed as a marketing program for a public relations firm for the medical industry (hospitals/clinics) as the default fields for the Prospective Clients indicates. Nothing in the app name or description indicates this important and limiting detail. I would not have chosen to review it otherwise. Another crucial missing element in this app is its misuse of the word 'marketing'. Marketing is a huge umbrella which encompasses far more than just press releases, which is the only 'marketing' related default table title in the program. If the app is indeed designed for a PR firm as a marketing manager application, it is then missing tables for PSA's (public service announcements), Periodical Listings, Pitched Stories to Media, Blogs, Social Networking, Advertising for print/web/visual media, etc. The app seems to function more as a press release organizer. It will store a copy of the press release, who the PR agent/contact is for the release, provide limited follow up detail to the press release listed, but is too underdeveloped to be a useful app as a full-fledged marketing manager. A better app title would be Medical Press Release Manager. No -- not sexy -- but accurate.

App works as described

By over 3 years ago

The app is useful for tracking various forms of marketing media. The calendar is helpful to see the length of campaigns and track effectiveness of different forms of media to targeted audiences.

App revieew

By over 3 years ago

This app is useful if your in a specific field as a marketing manager.

Suitable for purposes intended

By over 3 years ago

This app seems to resolve the business purposes intended. The marketing concept of being able to properly sell or advertise to customers would be greatly beneficial if one could singly pinpoint the preferred contact method, etc. I like the overall concept of the app. Sales professionals (inbound or outbound) would find this app extremely useful.

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