Margin Calculator

Author: Josh Hamon
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I often get mixed up between my markup percentage and my margin percentage. So QuickBase to the rescue, the formula is built into the app so I don't have to remember it. ***NOTES FORM CURATOR*** This is a very handy calculator app that can be put on a toolbar for the user's easy reference. The functions could be incorporated into a retail purchasing management app for use by buyers in planning stock management.


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Margin Calculator

By over 3 years ago

I like this quick simple app. Only thing to make it better would be to have it possible to put in the cost of goods and the margin I want to hit so it calculates the price before tax for you.

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Josh Hamon

I do event design for my firm and have been working on getting QuickBase to make the team's life easier. This is the first app I've put on the exchange. Enjoy.