Mapsly: map, routing, territories, prospecting

View, search & (mass-)edit your Quickbase records on map. Filter by distance. Build optimized routes. Draw, colorize & auto-assign territories. View heatmaps. Embed maps in websites & portals. 24/7 chat/call support, personnel training and IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES are included free-of-charge. HIGHLIGHT FEATURES: MAP & PROSPECTING тЬФ View & (mass-)edit any objects/fields on map, with real-time sync to Quickbase тЬФ Pick data fields for labels, pop-ups тЬФ Switch between layer groups to re-colorize records based on various criteria тЬФ Create records from map with pre-filled address & coordinates тЬФ Search & filter records by the distance from a location тЬФ Search businesses on map by keywords тЬФ Add businesses from map to Quickbsae with adjustable field mapping тЬФ View heat maps TERRITORIES тЬФ Draw territories or create them from a geo-library (zip, counties, etc.) тЬФ Auto-assign records to territories & sales reps тЬФ Add aggregate metrics based on your data тЬФ Explore & add any of the 50,000 US Census demographic metrics тЬФ Colorize your territories based on any metric with adjustable color scale EMBED LIVE MAPS тЬФ Share maps with live Quickbase data by link & add to websites & dashboards тЬФ Add personalized maps to customer portals тЬФ Add custom buttons, forms & automation to published maps
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