Mapsly: map, routing, territories, prospecting

View, search, (mass-)edit your Quickbase records on map. Filter by distance. Build optimized routes. Draw, colorize, auto-assign territories. View heatmaps. Embed maps in websites, portals.

24/7 chat/call support, personnel training and IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES from Mapsly are included free-of-charge.

IMPLEMENTATION INCLUDED: Mapsly engineers will configure Mapsly for you, including shared maps and automation. If necessary, they will write code on the Mapsly platform free-of-charge.

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  • View and (mass-)edit any objects/fields on map, with real-time sync to Quickbase
  • Pick data fields for labels, pop-ups
  • Switch between layer groups to re-colorize records based on various criteria
  • Create records from map with pre-filled address and coordinates
  • Search and filter records by the distance from a location
  • Search businesses on map by keywords
  • Add businesses from map to Quickbase with adjustable field mapping
  • View heat maps


  • Draw territories or create them from a geo-library (zip, counties, etc.)
  • Auto-assign records to territories and sales reps
  • Add aggregate metrics based on your data
  • Explore and add any of the 50,000 US Census demographic metrics
  • Colorize your territories based on any metric with adjustable color scale


  • Share maps with live Quickbase data by link and add to websites and dashboards
  • Add personalized maps to customer portals
  • Add custom buttons, forms and automation to published maps


  • Plan optimized routes and regular visits for sales teams based on live/historic traffic
  • Configure check-in and other processes with buttons and forms
  • Track users’ location and history of movements


  • Execute actions by button, schedule or automatically without writing code
  • Create/update records, send email/SMS, call external APIs
  • Search records by custom criteria including driving distance/time; execute actions with them
  • Create, update and remove data programmatically via Mapsly API
  • Expose custom Mapsly API endpoints and call them to execute custom automation
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