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Schedule annual and midyear reviews for your employees. Collect peer feedback and self-reviews, and always be on top of your review cycle.


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Slow and cumbersome

By over 3 years ago

Not only is it slow it is difficult to use. It takes nearly an hour for me to enter all my reports (on an average 40). The app is useless. I really wish that my company will move on to something else. Of all things about this company good and bad I hate this the most.

great full featured app

By over 3 years ago

Good way to solicit peer reviews and write reviews over multiple time periods.  The only tweak I made was to add rating fields for each competency for easier comparisons.  But really, a great app!

Excellent app to manage reviews

By over 3 years ago

Everything you need to manage your review is there. You can use it directly and without any adaptation if you want - very likely if you have no review process in place. It is very nicely programmed. Before you use it, you might want to personalize the fields of the reviews ('Next Year Objective, Training requests,....) You might also have a confidentiality issue if your employees have access to one another's computer (If so, Mr A will able to access Mr B review when accessing Mr B's computer, for instance when checking Mr B's email during Mr B holiday).