Manage Multiple Projects: Multiple Assignees

Author: Chris Baker
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Multi-Project Manager gives you one, central spot where you can organize all your projects -- whether you're a manager handling three internal projects, or a consultant with a dozen clients. You get easy timeline views of all your tasks and projects as they relate to one another, and a single location where busy team members or clients can go for the latest details and updates. This version allows more than 1 owner to be assigned to each task.


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Very good platform and product

By over 3 years ago

Very impressed. I just wish there was more flexibility for individual license

Great Tool

By over 3 years ago

I like this tool! I am planning on using this to be a one stop shop for all my projects. This tool has a great number of features I like that you usually only find in HP PPM or MS Project Server. The one feature I like the most about QuickBase is that any registered user can make updates based upon the access they have been granted. I like that from my home page, I have a bird's eye view of all my projects. I like the report listing on the left hand side. I like that this QB app is making use of predecessors, status and priority. There are multiple features that I will use. I love that I can take this app and make it my own by adding features I would like to see. Things I would like to see are: Risks and change requests (I will add these), Printable report that I can take to a meeting or present as an Executive Status Report or even a Team Status Report that I can submit via e-mail, Tasks coming due over the next couple weeks (Good for project status meetings - I will add this on my own). Overall I love the tool. I am anxious to build our portfolio into this tool. Thanks!

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