Location Inventory Tracker

Author: Phil Powis
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This app manages the inventory of equipment installed at various retail locations or centers across the United States. It could also be used internationally. It provides workflow for managing repair vs replace analysis when issues arise with equipment on site. The app also allows for visibility at a high level into what your total inventory costs are across regions. There is also high level tracking of location specs (lease information and sq footage). Document storage capabilities are included to support this. Features Workflow Dynamic Dashboarding Email Alerts Google Maps Document Storage


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Location Inventory Tracker Review

By over 3 years ago

This app looks like it has a lot of tools, seems to be a very comprehensive app. Wasn't what I needed, but may re-visit at some point.

Loaction Inventory Tracker app

By over 3 years ago

A fairly well built app, but I wish there were more options allowing me to edit to get a feel of how the app would fit with my needs. The incorporation of google maps for locating the inventory was a very useful feature. It is a perfect app for small business looking to manage there assets