Loans, Payments and Amortization

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This app can be used for lending and tracking payments to compute current balance, accrued interest, principle payments etc. This would be a quick nifty app for personal loans, auto loans and even just for evaluation of how your loan will amortize over a period of time.


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Avinash Sikenpore

I have built team work management application, operational capacity planning, document control, On-Time analytics reports, Demand forecasting, inventory management, Performance management and Financial Planning apps. I have used form rules, buttons powered via APIs, table to table imports, html pages, many-to-many relationships, many to many, connected cloud applications (BOX, Google Drive and Quickbase) among other things. I have a background in Industrial Engineering and have an MBA from Texas Tech University. I am also a Six Sigma Black belt and a PMP with a passion for continuous improvement and operational streamlining. I live for process maps, excel macros, QB automation and workflow enahancement. I work as a project manager at an awesome company based in PA. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email at [email protected] with any questions.