Learning Project Management System

Author: Brooke Eder
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A single cloud-based environment and collaboration framework allows for the easy creation and management of educational content. The app is easily customizable to suit your team's unique needs, with reports and home pages personalized for the project manager and each team member.

Teams can avoid missed deadlines, lost data, project delays and miscommunication by collaborating in the cloud. The Learning Content Management app provides complete visibility into the overall project through a holistic, top-down view of the entire plan -- including a breakdown by course, task, author and dependency. By creating and managing all your content in the cloud, your entire project team can access all project data anytime, anywhere.


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Good place to start

By over 3 years ago

I found this DB a good place to start for tracking project development and deployment. It did not include all of the details potentially required, but that would be easy to customize. I would consider tracking measurable business outcomes and results for all your learning projects...for best results...start with the end in mind!

Learning Content Management App

By over 3 years ago

Didn't help me at all... not intuitive. Maybe if I someone could of demo'd this app it would of made some sense to me.

Learning Content Management App - feedback

By over 3 years ago

Although this app is one that we do not have a need to implement, it was great seeing the design; our team has identified many techniques and functional portions that we plan to implement into our existing apps. Great job!!

Great Workflow for Team Collaboration

By over 3 years ago

I was part of a team that leveraged this app for an internal project here at QuickBase. It solved our need for a tool that would allow our team to collaborate on a high priority deliverable. I believe it was a big contributing factor behind our ability to produce our work on schedule.

Exactly what we needed!

By over 3 years ago

The Learning Content Management app was essential for our team's training content creation project. It enabled collaboration during the content creation and visibility into the entire project's progress. The app was easy to customize to our team's needs and it grew alongside our project to meet our unique needs. The document revision tracking and comment logging kept team members from stepping on each others toes. In addition, the automated notifications when content was revised and updated kept the project moving forward, enabling faster project delivery.