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Author: AJ Campani
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An App to Manage and Track Cases, Contacts, Billable Hours and Expenses. Includes: Assignable Tasks with Due Dates, Attachment Field and Billable Hours calculated by rates in the Rate Table Tracks hours and expenses by Case, Client, Employee Tracks business by type (Personal injury, commercial transactions, etc.) Assign contacts to multiple cases (i.e., judge, co-counsel, opposing counsel, etc.) Documents may be marked as "Forms" and searched later as example pleadings. ***Notes from the Curator*** This application was created by an attorney at a private law firm that specializes in: - Personal Injury - Auto Accidents - Wrongful Death - Business and Commercial Transactions - Real Estate - Title and Closings - Insurance Law - Franchise Law What We Like About This App: This application is designed from the ground up by a real practicing attorney! It has been customized in such a way that speaks to the way law firms generally do business. There is also good use of charting of key metrics on the home page that include: - Billable Hours by Client - Billable Hours by Employee - Cases by Type The author also makes it easy to get to various parts of his workflow by utilizing well placed buttons on the home page.


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Just referencing

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I downloaded this app for research purposes so I didn't really need to use it for anything. But from what I looked at it seems like a well put together app!

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AJ Campani

Our company has used Quickbase to coordinate large volumes of land transfers (post Hurricane Katrina) by connecting abstractors directly to our apps to allow transfer of abstracts, tax information, etc. automatically. We generate form documents (title exams, commitments and insurance policies) using Exact Forms and we create special limited access pages for clients to view files and reports. I'm a graduate of Tulane Law School, a partner at Richards, Higdon, Huguet & Campani. I don't have any programming training. I am a huge fan and advocate of Quickbase because the projects mentioned above could have been logistical and management nightmares. Instead, Quickbase apps kept us apprised of progress in all aspects of each project, kept the projects on time and provided a central location to store and share information easily. As we need additional functionality I look to the Quickbase Help and Community for answers; so far that has been a very successful approach for us.