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Author: Justin Lapier
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This application allows you to keep track of product inventory, locations of inventory, adjustments, cost, and sales information.


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Used for Marketing Inventory Tracking

By over 3 years ago

We were seeking a basic app to help us track our marketing materials and promotional items. This app was very helpful in setting up our inventory! We made a few slight adjustments to fit our specific needs and added two new tables - Vendors and Invoices - to track where the products are coming from and when we purchase them. Very happy with this app! Simple to use and the preloaded data was helpful in figuring out the format.

By over 3 years ago

This application provided me with the tool needed to solve my problems.


By over 3 years ago

nice and simple.. pretty good... not so shabby......

Very good start...

By over 3 years ago

I liked navigating through the different options. I am not sure if this applies but when I tracked my purchase(s) of inventory I also made the "extra" cost of a purchase such as tax whenever it applied to a certain asset [but this may be accounted elsewhere of course depending on system one is using. Overall, I liked it and will kick the tires some more and continue observing. Thanks!

Good start

By over 3 years ago

Though I think this app is a good start, I feel that there is room for improvement. First of all, the "Product Locations" section needs to be much more specific. It's nice to know that an item is in the Warehouse, but that's probably a big search area. Aisle, shelf, etc would be nice designations to help narrow that down. I also think that a percent increase or decrease formula would help the user to see growth or decline much easier.

Functional, but limited

By over 3 years ago

This app can be useful for a very simple inventory system. Little to no accounting knowledge allows for users new to Quickbase get a grasp of the site. Allowing a separate table to differentiate where the inventory came in would be useful. Overall, it gets the job done as long as it is'nt a complicated one.

Very Basic

By over 3 years ago

This inventory management app is okay for a basic application. It does not include any supplier/vendor information for each product which could make this more useful. Also the location table leaves something to be desired as the "location" is a single field and not some thing more like Bldg, Room, Aisle, Row, Shelf, and/or Bin. Of course with some additional modifications one could add these things to this basic app.

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Justin Lapier

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