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This app is based off of the internal HR support system that Intuit has set up. It is a bit less robust, but it should be perfect for smaller companies who want to answer all of their employees' questions and want to track what kinds of questions are being asked so they know how to better address topics, programs, and questions. Employees have the ability to ask a question, view their open questions, and view their previously answered questions. HR Advisors have the ability to view all of the open questions, assign questions to themselves, answer questions, and view the bandwidth of all of the questions that their fellow teammates are working on. Overall this is a great tool if you would like to offer HR support to your employees at a scalable level.


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Courtney Sandlin

I am currently an interaction designer for our QuickBase product working on our first use experience. With this app I have received help to create it from various support and sales advisors that are accessible to our trialers and users. I come from a background in HR though, which is why this app comes from a similar model that we use at Intuit to support our employees and their HR questions.