Field Change Log for Audit Trail

Author: Phil Powis
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An example of how you can create an audit log of an individual field. You could reproduce this for as many fields as you would like.


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UML coding assistance for custom Buttons

By over 3 years ago

Fast and accurate technical help (same day) - well done!

Useful App

By over 3 years ago

I followed the instructions in this app, and managed successfully to create a change log of a text field. Unfortunately for me i wanted to be able to create a change log of a user field, and even using a text formula conversion i could not get this to work on the type of field i wanted it to work on. Does what it says, not what i want :-)

It does what should be a Quickbase build-in-feature

By over 3 years ago

What this app does - tracking field changes - is needed for several fields in the apps we use. tracking what, who and when something is changed is essential in audit. And because it is so important, I also think it should be a build in feature of Quickbase. So actually I would prefer that the workaround this app provide, wasn't needed at all.

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