Event Planner All-in-One

Author: Sybil Shearin
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This app helps you run small-to-medium size events while keeping all the details straight. Let volunteers and attendees sign up right from the app's home page. Track sessions, logistics, committee action items, and more.


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By over 3 years ago

i loved the app for its ease of use and clarity - i would have preferred it went the extra step to take the RSVPS and sent individualized outlook invites.

Event Planner All-in-One

By over 3 years ago

Very easy to use. I like how I can have all my events in one place instead of several different folders!

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Sybil Shearin

I'm a Quickbase employee with some experience in creating relational databases. I've built out more than 15 apps in the last 2 years, some of them quite complex and used by dozens of people. I like apps that have some elegant solution as well as being functional and usable.