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Maintain a detailed list of property locations both commercial and residential. Keep track of past and current tenants. Keep up to date on maintenance needs at each location. Use the webpage widget on your home page to order supplies from your favorite supplier website. ***NOTE FROM CURATOR*** This is an Essentials compliant version of the Property Management app in the Exchange. The Premier version has multiple roles established for various types of employees who would need to use the app. There are also a number of other Premier apps in the Exchange for other approaches to managing properties.


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App is great, pricing, not so much

By over 3 years ago

The property management app is fantastic - easy to use, easy to setup and edit as I go. Reports are what the client needs. Pricing is outrageous, and not in the good 80's meaning of the word. For a small business owner like me, with one employee and I am the only one using it, $ 150 a month as a minimum isn't worth it.

not a review--had to rate so 1 only because I thouht it might trigger someone look and not post this

By over 3 years ago

I needed something that would allow me to keep track of information for all of my different restaurants. the property management app had the closest in architecture to what I need I pretty much gutted it I added a lot of vender and service information with contact information as well as ways to help organize vendor driven info as we have national and local accounts we need all the information for our 40+ sites to be accessible to those who needed quickly and easily. The people in HQ who need to keep track of all invoices, ordering and payments will be able to do once I am finished . I did leave the look which I liked and the components of the structure I thought made things clear and easy to use and lends them selves to what we will be using it for. I review in because I have received repeated e-mails asking for a review and I wanted whom ever need one got informaiton that they needed. I couldn't legitimately review beyond the app. It did help me think through what I needed and gave me a basis for building it. Would have love to have found what I needed already finished I am always looking for something that will help me save time.

keeping track of all the x's & O's et al

By over 3 years ago

Good layout for running the business with all the necessary information at hand for management. Did not have time to dig deeper when client backed off on the project