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A simple application to track your Prescription Sales reps and what prescriptions they are trying to get physicians to start prescribing. Great starting point that gives you the basics of information on each table so that you can expand to fit what information you are trying to track on the opportunities.


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Very basic app for pharma rep tracking

By over 3 years ago

Does this application help you track you pharma reps? Sure. Does it paint a complete picture? No. Likes: I like the inclusion of note & compound fields for the product, it provides a sort of at-a-glance that a rep can use on the road. Dislike: I hate called rep activity 'opportunities'. There's so much nurturing of the relationship in this business, and it would be wonderful if those activities were better defined. Enhancements needed: There should be a section in here to track how much product the physician purchases as well, because it's a valuable piece of information for the rep to have during visits. Also, physicians need to be able to be assigned to multiple locations. App would be useful for a small pharma or medical device group.