Essential Training Management System

Author: Isaiah Morris
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Essentials compliant training management. This application tracks classes and courses for your students.


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By over 3 years ago

Not user friendly. Expected more ...................

Difficult to understand how it works

By over 3 years ago

I needed something that was simple to figure out and this was difficult.

Start from scratch

By over 3 years ago

Although Quickbase has a lot of applications, none of them fit what I was looking for. This meant that I would have to create a system from scratch. I am looking for more of an off-the-shelf program with linkages, tables, reports, etc. already created.

By over 3 years ago

Love the idea of it..would use to accomplish a myriad of tasks,but is to expendive for personal use.

Good Basic App for Tracking Students and Classes but Missing Some Essentials

By over 3 years ago

The app provides a basic, no-frills way to track which classes students have attended or are attending, and it includes the ability to assign a locale and an instructor to each class. The student information form allows entry of name and contact information and provides a list of classes attended. It would benefit from field allowing for tracking student progression (through ranks, positions, certifications, etc.) and although the classes attended report shows a grade field there is nowhere to input the grade. The classes information form includes the ability to assign instructor, student and locale to a class. It would benefit from the addition of course benchmarks and some easy/graphically represented reporting about number of attendees to help manage resources. Also essential but missing is a method of easily determining which instructor is occupied or available for a given course and instructor course load. Overall, a good basic app for tracking students and classes that can be used as a building block to be tailored to particular needs or a particular industry.

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