Essential Sales and Projects Lifecycle

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Track the lifecycle of projects from new lead, to sales opportunity, project origination, and finally, project completion. Manage customer relationships on the Sales CRM side, and manage projects, tasks, and documents on the project management side.


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Limited Gantt Charting and Calendar Views

By over 3 years ago

The software package is very powerful. One very nice feature for a project manager is the ability to give a START - STOP date range duration (3 days) and to allocate (2 hours) to the resource. A very helpful feature. However, the ability to graphically review the timeline and calendar are lagging behind other competitive product. Our team decided against using QuickBase because of the limited graphical options. These include: 1. Connecting GANTT tasks with a connector. 2. Color coding GANTT or CALENDAR tasks by project, or user or anything, for that matter. If you are looking for a project management software option that will help you to visualize the program, this is not the software you want. If you are looking for detailed tracking of various project requirements, it appears that this program will work. Again, we didn't select this program because of the limitations listed. These were very important to us. Not all organization require so graphically display needs as we were seeking. The sales force was very attentive. Got a lot of product support during our trial period. We worked with tech support to try and overcome the limitations noted, but were unable to achieve our objective. The minimum 10 user per month fee was tough to swallow when only 5 users would be using this (initially). It wasn't an insurmountable option, but it was off putting to even pay for the service for a few months to try and see how it might fit within our team.

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