Essential IT Bug Tracker

Author: Kristin Godoy
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Essentials Plan Ready - Track the bugs or issues that plague any workplace or IT environment. Create and track bug records, assign workflow, and follow the history of a bug through to its eventual resolution.


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Excellent Product / Easy to Use

By over 3 years ago

Excellent product - great customer service. Received a call from Rep within an hour of clicking for free trial. He helped walk me through an app I selected, customize and have ready to show others in less than an hour. App was well thought out, simple and user friendly. We have inhouse project tracking, but may use QuickBase based on ease of use and varied selection of apps.

Essential IT Bug Tracker

By over 3 years ago

I like this app. Am using it simply for keeping track of problems with my personal PC; having all my notes organized is great. What I would like to see is a section for maintenance/fix updates to keep track of what was done, and when, on a particular problem; especially with a tough bug, this would really come in handy so I could see what fixes I've tried and what the results were. I did not see any section that could be used for this purpose. It would also be nice to have a selection for 'self' which would eliminate fields otherwise used for clients, employees, etc. Overall, though, I am pleased with this app.

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