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Author: Phil Powis
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The Equipment Tracker allows you to log in and view equipment that is available to assign to yourself. Once checked out that item is no longer available for others in the inventory. Managers can log in to manage the equipment inventory, view which employees have borrowed which equipment, and see a history of what has been borrowed.


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Useful, but difficult

By over 3 years ago

Maybe I'm lacking training with QuickBase. Entering information is relatively easy if everything is set up well. I would have given QuickBase higher marks if this was all I had to do. I am someone who is very proficient with spreadsheet generation and building complex forms and calculations with them while creating interfaces that are easy for others to use. Unfortunately, QuickBase is proving to be very difficult to do this. The table to table relationships never seem to work out well for what I have built. I have succeeded in erasing, inadvertently changing, and accidentally breaking linked data while trying to add functions to an app that my company has already put into place. This has cost me many, many days of trying to recover data. Currently, I am having quite some difficulty just adding a few fields to calculate travel expenses. The help that QuickBase provides is very rapid, and I greatly appreciate that. However, I have received notices that what I have been tasked to do by my employer is not possible with QuickBase which is very disappointing. I saddens me when I have to approach my employer and tell them that "its not my lack of ability, QuickBase responded that the program is not capable of what you want to acheive." I have on several instances built Excel spreadsheets that do what my employer requested. The frustration is that the company now has a set of items that are useful with QuickBase, and a separate set of items that are Excel. It also seems that the pre-built apps have little in common with the industry and type of business where we are trying to implement QuickBase. If you are in Real-estate, an attorney, or in sales, this is a great program for you. However, the world is not comprised of just Real-estate agents, attorneys, and sales managers.

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