Employee Scheduling and Time Card Application

Author: Justin Lapier
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This application enables you to enter employees schedules by day/week, employees can clock in and clock out, and they can enter vacation requests. It will also take into account your employees pay rates, which will help you calculate their paycheck amounts.


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By over 3 years ago

Needs to be a little more simple. and easy to add information. Also needs to be more of a schedule and not a calendar.

Way Too Much of the Wrong Thing

By over 3 years ago

When searching for a "Customer Scheduling" application, Quickbase came up. Since it was an Intuit product, I thought I'd give it a shot. It isn't a Customer Scheduling application at all. It was too bad I had to get so far into it just to determine it wasn't what it purported to be.

Way too difficult

By over 3 years ago

Sorry having used numerous Intuit programs in the past, I thought this would be simple to navigate. It could be that I was just trying to utilize it in a way that it can't be utilized. So don't go by my review. Try it anyway, might be what others are looking for.