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Author: Gayle Rediske
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Consolidate your businesss vacation/PTO calendar with this Employee PTO Calendar application from Quick Base. This PTO calendar template provides one central location for employees to submit vacation requests, managers to approve or deny requests, and all employees to see remaining balances. Customize this app to include the PTO types, employee groups, and typical vacation balances used by your business, and much more. Use drag-and-drop dashboards to quickly visualize PTO usage by employees and manage real-time requests. Start with 2 basic tables to organize your data and use this flexible PTO template to fit the needs of your unique business. What you can do with this business app: Request time off and access a real-time centralized calendar report Allow employees to view PTO approvals/denials along with any manager notes Utilize user settings to manage permissions in order to protect privacy of employee information Create central place for employees of all scale to align on PTO balances Need more customization to fit your unique processes? Try customizing to: Trigger notifications via email for new time off requests as administrator or acceptance/denial as employee Color-code reports by type of PTO or employee department for easy visualization Upload spreadsheets of current employee data for rapid data migration Add logic for complex PTO accruals and automatic starting balances based off role characteristics As a template, this pre-built employee PTO tracker can serve as a grab-and-go solution, allowing you to implement a centralized HR solution with very little development and no coding necessary, or be modified to match how your business works. Download this employee PTO template to see how you can streamline your HR processes and focus more time on creating value for your customers!


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Employee PTO Calendar app

By over 3 years ago

Once I was granted access to Quickbase, this was very easy and straightforward to use.

Great template that you can customize!

By over 3 years ago

This is great app to get you started. We use it in our company to show everyone's leave including important dates we need to track. We also use it to route the employee's leave approval.

Employee PTO Calendar

By over 3 years ago

This quickbase has everything i need all in one application

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