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Author: Phil Powis
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This app shows how to edit a text field on a form by leveraging a JavaScript prompt. This is created by using a formula URL field with javascript with reference to a js file loaded as a code page.


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Uses own script to edit record

By over 3 years ago

This is unhelpful. There is nothing in the formula to edit the record. Though I'm new to coding, I'm pretty sure the form uses their own script, which the user cannot access for reference. This is frustrating, because this is so close to doing what I need it to do.

Novice User

By over 3 years ago

I'm a novice user who has never done programming or coding and has never learned to use programming languages who suddenly found myself responsible for creating applications for my company's business needs. I have tons of ideas on things that can be done but do not have the "programming language" know how to actually build out my ideas. I try going through apps like "Edit Record with Javascript Button" so that I can try to figure out what to do but these tools are not aimed for users like myself. They're aimed to guide those that already have some experience and background with coding. I'm looking for something that's aimed to help guide someone like me - who has never written a line of code.

Not able to rate.

By over 3 years ago

I was searching for a solution to a particular problem and the description was close to what I needed. But once I installed and attempted to use it, it was not what I needed. Unable to use it as it was far too complicated and advanced for what I needed. No negative opinions though. Just not what I needed.

Using to learn

By over 3 years ago

Hi, Vey kind of you to put this together. Neat to see what can be done. I downloaded to learn, as I sure most do, so it would be cool to see more text to describe what is going on and how the code might be changed. Thanks Agian

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