E-911 Background & Recruiting

Application that tracks and maintains background and recruiting. --------------------------------------------- This Application Contains Sensitive Information Fields Before you install and start using this application, you should know that this application contains fields for especially sensitive information like social security numbers, other national or state identifiers, payment card details, or personal biographical information such as race, gender, age, etc. Due to the highly sensitive nature of this information, Quickbase generally advises against collecting and storing such information unless it is strictly necessary. As a reminder, the security of Quickbase applications is a joint effort between Quickbase and our Customers. Quickbase empowers customers to build secure applications, but Customers are solely responsible to secure their realms and applications. Quickbase strongly recommends that customers have adequate security measures in place prior to collecting this sensitive information. Although the applications on the App Exchange have been generally reviewed to ensure a minimally acceptable level of quality, Quickbase accepts no liability for use of applications installed via the App Exchange. Customers who opt to use these applications do so at their own risk.
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