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DC Insight: The QuickBase Application Documenter Tool allows you to document the purpose and interrelationships of tables, fields, reports and field usage within your QuickBase application both when you're building it and as it gets modified over time. The details of your QuickBase application get stored in a QuickBase application! This give you the ability to search, annotate and track the details of your application all in one place. Use DC Insight with large applications to track changes over time. Keep a history of deleted fields and changes in formulas. If time is of the essence we recommend using our automated self-service documentation tool for a small fee.


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This application is extremely useful and will benefit every Administrator

By over 3 years ago

This tool makes it simple, quick and easy to create an application which allows you deeper insight into the construct of your Applications. One of the most important features is the ability to pull out the characteristics of fields, including the formulas. You can then reference these formulas when building others (by looking for content); or check on the characteristics of fields by filtering reports etc. I recommend this product; but at the moment (June 2016) there is only one pricing option so each "run" of the tool will cost money. So you should only run this when your App is built and ready for maintenance-only; or when you have made significant structural changes that you want to invest in the update to your DC Insight application.

DC Insigths - app documentor

By over 3 years ago

works as described - great - useful and valuable - best product available

Great documentation tool

By over 3 years ago

Saves lots and lots of time documenting large applications.