Dashboards & Reports - 2.25.2015 Webinar

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Special app for the 2/25/2015 webinar "Organizing Data - Dashboards & Reports." Follow along with the webinar recording: http://apps.quickbase.intuit.com/best-practices-dashboards-reports-ondemand

Live Webinar: Organizing Data - Dashboards & Reports
Thursday, February 26th at 2pm ET/ 11 AM PT
Speaker: Benjamin Buday, QuickBase Sales Engineer

The best-built QuickBase apps show users the right data and reports on their dashboards so users can work quickly and more effectively. Do your apps have the right reports and dashboards for everyone's needs?

Attend our live webinar to:

-Build reports that will make it easy for end users to analyze information quickly and effectively
-Explore ways you can design dashboards and homepages for your apps
-Learn how to customize your dashboards with features such as search bars and charts


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Didnt really provide much practical asssistance

By over 3 years ago

Still struggling to find a good app that converts basic database into a dashboard with nice looking graphs and charts. Particularly operational performance metrics and sales info trends over time. Quickbase capability is poor in this regard (or perhaps its my skills?) Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Good companion app for the webinar

By over 3 years ago

This webinar was very informational and this app has alot of cool and informative features that can help anyone build they're own app.

Dashboards & Reports - Webinar Companion App

By over 3 years ago

This video was so helpful to me. It showed me ways to use my home page to my benefit. It also showed me was to filter and group. It saves me time now on our billing process. The best video I've seen to date to help me in my use of Quickbase.

Helpful hands on for webinar

By over 3 years ago

This was very helpful to follow along with during the webinar.

Did a great job

By over 3 years ago

A couple of issues early on with sound but other than that, it was informative and the person that did the webinar was well informed in the application. Looking forward to more!

Dashboards & Reports

By over 3 years ago

It was a very nice overview for beginners of the reporting possibilities of QB. Simple and helpful!

Dashboards - Great Overview

By over 3 years ago

The webinar was a great overview of dashboards and reports....appreciated having a sample to be able to follow along and "play" as well. There were challenges with audio; however, it was a small impact on the overall webinar. Looking forward to part 2 in April.

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Benjamin Buday

Benjamin is a Sales Engineer with Intuit Quickbase. When he's not building proof of concept apps for to help customers find the right way to start a new app, he's working on improving Quickbase's knowledge bank by coming up with webinars, presentations and app ideas to share with Quickbase users both new and experienced.