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The purpose of this application is to demonstrate how to set up a conditional drop down in QuickBase. This particular app shows a 4 level conditional drop down, but you can easily create one with more (or less) levels as desired. The support team has shared this application with dozens of customers over the years as a means to demonstrate this functionality in QuickBase.


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By over 3 years ago

Great tool to understand and setup conditional dropdowns

Did what it should

By over 3 years ago

Just what I needed for an example.

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Jeffrey Rosson

I have worked at Intuit Quickbase for close to 7 years. A majority of my time here was spent with the Technical Support team where I worked daily with customers to troubleshoot issues, document new bugs, and provide overall guidance in using the product. Currently I work for the Quality Assurance team where I verify that bug fixes and new features are working as designed prior to each new release of Quickbase. I love working with Quickbase and I really enjoy seeing our customers use the product in new and creative ways!