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Author: Quick Base
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Create orders consisting of multiple products and/or services for your customers. Manage customer relationships and track rep activities to maximize productivity. Schedule meetings and keep track of important documents all in one place with this sales order CRM app.


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Excellent on Activity based workflow.

By 2 years ago

Impressive on Order Management functionalty itself, but not tried yet about areas like O2C, and multi Channel Order management

Useful & Understandable

By over 3 years ago

Thanks for making this app. This one is best app for me that is easy to use and very understand.

Provide the solution and simple to customize

By over 3 years ago

Excellent. Provide the solution and simple to customize

Good Starting Point!

By over 3 years ago

We're using for internal inventory management and product distribution around our large organization. Very solid starting point.

Good example of conditional drop down menus

By over 3 years ago

This app has a great example of conditional drop down menus. Beyond that this app doesn't do much. I would really like to see the ability to add multiple line items on one page and have it tally totals. Right now you can use grid edit to add multiple lines but no totals without saving and coming back in to the order.

Well built app for creating and tracking orders

By over 3 years ago

Well organized and intuitive app. Needs more robust inventory managment.

Good Starting Point for Order Tracking

By over 3 years ago

Application seems to be an effective demonstration of one way QuickBase can handle order tracking. It looks like it could be customize to meet our exact process. Very easy to use and get started with.

Good start

By over 3 years ago

I agree that this app is a great start to something that needs a little extra functionality. As the other reviewers state it could really use some better inventory management ability to add multiple line items to an order at once and some other little things- like putting in a percentage discount (right now you have to calculate the discounted price manually). Luckily the trial comes with help from product specialists who were able to help add the extra functions that we needed. All-in-all it's a good foundation to doing what we needed and we were able to get the extra functions quickly and easily.

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