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Charts are Fun

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This app illustrates how to use the 5 new chart types we released in July, 2015! These charts enable you to show correlations and relationships among your data, display progress, and measure performance against a specific goal. They make it easier to uncover and communicate rich insights with fewer reports and charts, and help you make your work in QuickBase stand out. All charts are mobile-ready, interactive, and work with dynamic filters. Each table feeds a different chart type, so it should be easy to follow.
Feel free to substitute your data for the sample data, and show off your amazing charts in the comments of our blog post here:
The new chart types include:
View three dimensions of data on a single chart, like sales opportunities by dollar amount, probability of closing, and stage in the sales cycle.
Display progress through any process, like a sales pipeline or project development cycle.
Measure performance against a goal that you set, like number of sales opportunities or total annual revenue.
Line and bar
Visually compare data sets with different value ranges, like project cost in millions and project hours in thousands.
Quickly identify correlations across multiple sets of data, like how project cost affects return on investment (ROI).
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