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Professional Services Apps

Professional Services All-in-One Master

Author: Quick Base | 3,326 Downloads

Keep all aspects of your business in a single place. QuickBase allows you to track your engagements ...

Learn More

ABC Legal Case Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 1,498 Downloads

Manage your clients and their cases is easy with ABC Legal Case Management. Import your clients, add ...

Learn More

Project Sales & Scheduling

Author: Quick Base | 1,115 Downloads

Keep track of your project pipeline in a central place. Puts your clients, project opportunities, pr ...

Learn More

Simple Project Manager with Subtasks

Author: Justin Lapier | 851 Downloads

Simple Project Manager that allows you to track Projects, Tasks, and Subtasks. This is a tweak on ...

Learn More

ABC Rental Property Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 804 Downloads

ABC Property Manager tracks: > Owners > Units > Leases > Monthly Reports > Transacti ...

Learn More

Simple To-Do List

Author: Eric J. Hansen | 595 Downloads

See What To Do. Get Stuff Done. ...

Learn More

Ockey Construction

Author: Tom Ockey | 591 Downloads

***Notes from the Curator*** This is a modified version of the popular Simple Project Manager appli ...

Learn More

Project Management with Invoicing for a Service Busin

Author: Greg Robin | 565 Downloads

Project, Task, Time and Billing system for professional services companies. ...

Learn More

Jobs and Equipment Repair Tracking

Author: Brandy Wesolowski | 448 Downloads

App has many conditional fields to easily filter down the equipment used on a particular Project, na ...

Learn More

Project Manager with Estimates and Invoices

Author: Justin Lapier | 379 Downloads

This application allows you to prepare Estimates for customers, then turn them into projects and onc ...

Learn More

Simple Estimate and Quote Tool

Author: Justin Lapier | 352 Downloads

This Non-Industry specific application was created to be used as a standalone estimate/quote tool, o ...

Learn More

Resource Management for Landscaping Services

Author: Davin Wilfrid | 279 Downloads

Your customers, jobs, employees and equipment -- all in one place. ...

Learn More

Fleet Management

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 279 Downloads

Keep track of your fleet and deliveries with a simple starter application. This application gives yo ...

Learn More

Construction QA QC - Punch-list

Author: Cameron Munger | 251 Downloads

Manage punch lists and generate cross collaboration from any location including a mobile device to m ...

Learn More

Essential Professional Services All-in-One Master

Author: Kristie McGhee | 236 Downloads

This is an essential ready version of the original Professional Services All-In-One Application. ...

Learn More

ABC Construction Time and Project Manager

Author: Duane Gabor | 233 Downloads

BASED ON OUR MOST POPULAR PROJECT MANAGER VERSION - We have taken the feature set from ABC Project M ...

Learn More

Appointment Tracker

Author: Sybil Shearin | 233 Downloads

Use this app to schedule appointments with students, track student and course data, enter expenses, ...

Learn More

RFP to Purchasing R2P2P and Expense System

Author: Cameron Munger | 227 Downloads

This application will enable your company to go out to bid on projects and needs, purchase goods and ...

Learn More

Law Firm Case and Billing Manager

Author: AJ Campani | 221 Downloads

An App to Manage and Track Cases, Contacts, Billable Hours and Expenses. Includes: Assignable Tasks ...

Learn More

Research & Usability Tracker Basic

Author: Gideon Ansell | 202 Downloads

You can effectively run a complete research department with this single app. Keep an ongoing list of ...

Learn More

Entity & Event Management Portal

Author: Kristie McGhee | 173 Downloads

Track Entities and the Events scheduled. This application has the ability to Import Standard To-Dos ...

Learn More

Plant Production Tracker

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 157 Downloads

This app is designed to track important metrics for industrial plant production. It includes metrics ...

Learn More

All-Star Appointment Scheduler

Author: Sam Jones | 135 Downloads

An easy way to make appointments available for people to schedule meetings and calls with you. Much ...

Learn More

Insurance Sales: Insurance Policy Tracking

Author: Eli Byrnes | 135 Downloads

Track major insurance companies, their contacts, your Insured, their policy types, all activities re ...

Learn More

GPS Project Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 121 Downloads

GPS Project Manager - This application contains all the features and functions of ABC Project Manage ...

Learn More

ABC Construction Safety Pre-Task Analysis

Author: Kirk Trachy | 117 Downloads

This pre-task analysis application is used for defining the activities of construction tasks and for ...

Learn More

Six Sigma Project Charters

Author: Justin Lapier | 114 Downloads

This application was designed to provide teams with a structure for evaluating if a Six Sigma Projec ...

Learn More

Automotive Service Tracker

Author: Mike Spikes | 112 Downloads

This application is designed to track the service performed on your auto fleet. This could be a pers ...

Learn More

Junkyard Parts Tracker

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 108 Downloads

Keep track of all vehicles in the yard and what parts are still on them for sale. Quickly search for ...

Learn More

GPS Project Portfolio Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 103 Downloads

The GPS Project Portfolio Manager allows you to examine a collection of projects as if it were a por ...

Learn More

Project Management Auto Status Change

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 97 Downloads

Manage multiple projects and tasks in one central location. You'll have the visibility you need to g ...

Learn More

Tenant Leads

Author: Phil Powis | 96 Downloads

Simple app for managing tenant leads ...

Learn More

Community Service Placement Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 81 Downloads

Track offenders, addresses, cases, placements & work sites. Track Activities & documents ass ...

Learn More

Project Cost Estimating

Author: Jim Lieder | 75 Downloads

Project Cost Estimator for QuickBase apps. ...

Learn More

Consultant's Project Management Tool

Author: Jack Shulman | 74 Downloads

This is a consultant's Project Management tool that allows you and your client to maintain an audita ...

Learn More

Cell Tower Project Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 68 Downloads

Track your Cell Tower projects at multiple sites. Keep track of the Longitude & Latitude and the ...

Learn More

Real Asset Acquisition Portal

Author: Chip Towner | 68 Downloads

Gain visibility and detailed reporting on real estate assets opportunities and sales pipelines with ...

Learn More

Travel Agency Management Application

Author: Kristie McGhee | 67 Downloads

Manage your Clients and their Trips as well as payments received. ...

Learn More

Art Management Application

Author: Kristie McGhee | 64 Downloads

Manage your Art Pieces and the Exhibitions they are displayed in. Keep track of the Provenances and ...

Learn More

Transportation Broker Manager

Author: Eli Byrnes | 62 Downloads

Track Customers, Quotes, Carriers, Carrier Bids, Carrier Lanes, Call Activities on Quotes ****Curat ...

Learn More

Service Desk

Author: Jim Lieder | 61 Downloads

Ready for immediate use. Simple, two table design comes complete with charts and graphs to summarize ...

Learn More

QuickBase Development Requests

Author: Eric J. Hansen | 58 Downloads

View, prioritize, and track progress on all requested changes or improvements to your QuickBase appl ...

Learn More

LED Lighting Account Management

Author: Christina Phillips | 56 Downloads

Input audit reports to create LAR's and Price Quotes for clients. Manage wholesalers information and ...

Learn More

Simple Device & Password Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 55 Downloads

Track your Clients, their Employees Devices & Passwords. ...

Learn More

Repair Order Management

Author: Sophia Vasquez | 54 Downloads

Track contacts, phone calls, emails, and future appointments, and upload important documents in this ...

Learn More

Essentials Production Tracker with Simple Budgets

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 54 Downloads

Track TV production projects with budgets from multiple sources and expenses in a simple application ...

Learn More

Get Wed!

Author: Erica Rodrigues | 53 Downloads

Your one stop shop for wedding planning. This app helps track vendors, guest list, RSVPs, payments, ...

Learn More

1099 Tracking Application

Author: Justin Lapier | 53 Downloads

This is a simple application that was built to help track all 1099 payments that have been made for ...

Learn More

Cleaning Services

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 52 Downloads

Maintain your accounts and cleaning services for those accounts. Have your employees clock in and cl ...

Learn More

Software Implementation Solution

Author: Michael Rivisto | 49 Downloads

Track projects and tasks with this easy to use, yet fully featured project management app. It's simp ...

Learn More

Currency Exchange Rates

Author: Natalya Waye | 49 Downloads

Looking for a tool to convert USD to any other currency? Well then you've come to the right place! ...

Learn More

Margin Calculator

Author: Josh Hamon | 47 Downloads

I often get mixed up between my markup percentage and my margin percentage. So QuickBase to the resc ...

Learn More

Sports League Management

Author: Justin Lapier | 47 Downloads

This application makes it easy for sports leagues to track players, coaches, officials, teams, and g ...

Learn More

Offshore Resources - Vendor Management Office

Author: Doug M. | 44 Downloads

A database that helps you setup, track, and rate offshore resources. Keep track of contracts, expira ...

Learn More

Project Central

Author: Jim Lieder | 42 Downloads

Project Management Application to track Issues, Change Requests, Status Reports and Documents. ...

Learn More

Lease Management & Escalation Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 42 Downloads

Track your Properties & Units, the lease associated. Track payments made by Tenants and Escalati ...

Learn More

General Installation Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 41 Downloads

General application structure for Installations. ...

Learn More

File Sharing Site for Large Projects

Author: Sarah Paris | 38 Downloads

File Sharing Site for Large Projects ...

Learn More

Simple Legal Case Manager

Author: Brandy Wesolowski | 38 Downloads

Manage your clients and their cases, the discoveries, defendants, co-defendants, etc. ...

Learn More

Roofing Application with Adjuster Appointments

Author: Kristie McGhee | 37 Downloads

Track your roofing projects. Track the Adjusters and their Appointments. Track Suppliers, Material a ...

Learn More

Appointment Registration System

Author: Stephen C. | 31 Downloads

This application was originally developed as a massage registration application. This can be easily ...

Learn More

Video production tracker

Author: Eli Byrnes | 31 Downloads

Track Customers, Accounts, Video projects, Sessions, Producer availability, Start Time for Video Sho ...

Learn More

Event Contact Manager

Author: Isaiah Morris | 31 Downloads

The Event Contact Manager helps you manage upcoming and past events. It gives you the capability to ...

Learn More

Catering Estimate

Author: Phil Powis | 29 Downloads

This is a simple app for creating estimates for catering events. Single table, one form. Ready to us ...

Learn More

Home Cleaning Service App

Author: Kristie McGhee | 26 Downloads

Track your Customers and their homes you keep clean. This app will support you house keeping or home ...

Learn More

Assisted Living Version 1

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 25 Downloads

Keep track of your residents in an assisted living home. This is a great starting place to put your ...

Learn More

Vendor Training Management

Author: Kristin Godoy | 24 Downloads

The Vendor Training Management application is designed to keep training companies organized. Store ...

Learn More

Proposal Tracking

Author: Kandi Begue | 24 Downloads

Resource for tracking and managing proposals ****Notes from the Curator**** This is a simple two ...

Learn More

Personal Fitness Client Tracking

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 22 Downloads

Keep track of your clients with a quick and easy starting application that can be expanded to includ ...

Learn More

Conference and Task Management

Author: Isaiah Morris | 22 Downloads

This application will help you track conferences and tasks that you need done to set up these confer ...

Learn More

Tree Removal Sales

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 20 Downloads

Track all tree removal estimates and sales. ***Note from the Curator*** This app is a customized v ...

Learn More

Waste Management Pick Up Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 20 Downloads

Track your Customers and the Trash Services provided to them. ...

Learn More

State Assistance Applicants

Author: Brandy Wesolowski | 19 Downloads

This application was designed to track Public Assistance applicants and services for a state wide co ...

Learn More

Estate Planning Management App

Author: Kristie McGhee | 15 Downloads

This app enables you to track your clients and the Estate Documents you have on file for them. Track ...

Learn More

Recruitment Projects

Author: Phil Powis | 14 Downloads

A Project Management System centered around managing recruiting for educational institutions. ...

Learn More

XD Service Request Form

Author: Brennan Hartich | 13 Downloads

Welcome to Experience Design as a Service! XD as a Service provides teams without embedded XD access ...

Learn More

Cemetery Lot Tracking

Author: Elise Orr | 11 Downloads

This application is based on the request of a customer that needed to track the lots and numbers rel ...

Learn More

Engine Unit Ticket Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 10 Downloads

Manage customer calls and create support tickets to solve customer issues. This application was desi ...

Learn More

Disc Jockey Event and Song Coordinator

Author: Justin Lapier | 9 Downloads

DJs can easily catalog their songs by artist, book, and page number. Track all events in a calendar ...

Learn More

Production Tracker with Simple Budgets

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 8 Downloads

Track TV production projects with budgets from multiple sources and expenses in a simple application ...

Learn More

DC Timely for Exchange Testing

Author: Steve Wishengrad | 7 Downloads

A full featured Quick Base application for Professional Services companies and others to track time ...

Learn More

Parking Lot Management App (in Spanish)

Author: Jose Koplewicz | 5 Downloads

Manage your parking lot, daily customers, credit customers, monthly accounts. Fields in Spanish ...

Learn More

Stakeholders Visability

Author: Elise Orr | 4 Downloads

Allow your stakeholders to see an associates availability to assign to cases as needed. ...

Learn More


Author: Prashanth C.H | 4 Downloads

EarthDay drawing contest ***Note from Curator*** This application appears to be a simple sign up f ...

Learn More

2015 MMC Floor Care

Author: Rachel Loduha | 1 Downloads

Notes from the Curator: This app is very simple, yet could be effective as a tracking mechanism for ...

Learn More