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Other Apps

Meeting Calendar

Author: Scott Burday, Trinity I.S. | 2,187 Downloads

The Meeting Calendar is a fully interactive visual calendar plus scheduling tool. In this iteration ...

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Scheduling Calendars

Author: Isaiah Morris | 1,072 Downloads

This is a simple one table application that helps schedule events that populate calendar reports. ...

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ABC Environmental Health and Safety EHS Portal

Author: Kirk Trachy | 424 Downloads

This app is desktop and mobile ready to support Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) support for co ...

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Out of the Office Tracker

Author: Kenneth Barnes | 332 Downloads

This tracks team members who will be out of the office. It has a nice timeline view to help adjust a ...

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Many to Many Documents App

Author: Phil Powis | 306 Downloads

This app demonstrates how you can leverage a many to many relationship to share a single document wi ...

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Virtual Empower 2020: Aviprinter Repair Tracker

Author: Brian Cafferelli | 304 Downloads

This app is for attendees of the Data Validation using Custom Data Rules session at the Quick Base 2 ...

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Rich Text Button Tool Box (Empower 2019)

Author: Jordan Umbel | 284 Downloads

Have you ever wanted to build rich text buttons like a boss. Well this may be the app for you unless ...

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Virtual Empower: App Library

Author: Ryan Pflederer | 231 Downloads

Begin your documentation journey with this easy to use App Library! With an assist from the RESTful ...

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Author: Eric Mohlman | 198 Downloads

As a part of the advanced training curriculum, this app contains five example challenges to work thr ...

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Pipelines Demo

Author: Bree Mackey | 179 Downloads

Pipelines demo showcasing 5 different use-cases. The use-cases are defined step-by-step in the Docum ...

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Contract Expiration Date Example

Author: Phil Powis | 177 Downloads

A simple app showing how to track months and days until a contract expiration date from today's date ...

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DC Insight: The QuickBase Application Documenter

Author: Steve Wishengrad | 172 Downloads

DC Insight: The QuickBase Application Documenter Tool allows you to document the purpose and interre ...

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Training App - Conditional Dropdown Exercise

Author: Freddie Sabbs | 171 Downloads

When adding an expense to a task, wouldn't it be nice to only see a list of tasks related to the pro ...

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Extended Property Management

Author: Matt S. | 159 Downloads

SFR Rehab Management ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** This is an extensive solution to tracking propert ...

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Empower 2020: Advanced Formulas

Author: Eric Mohlman | 155 Downloads

Would you like to transform your data using native capabilities? Relying on years of customersâ dire ...

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EMPOWER2019: Forms for Everyone

Author: Freddie Sabbs | 153 Downloads

This app is for use in the EMPOWER 2019 session titled "Forms for Everyone" presented by Eliza Littl ...

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Time Off Calendar

Author: Elayne Brown | 151 Downloads

Attendance tracking for unplanned sick time. ****NOTES FROM CURATOR**** The application tracks v ...

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EMPOWER2019: Reports and Dashboards

Author: Freddie Sabbs | 117 Downloads

This app is for use in the EMPOWER 2019 session titled "Reports and Dashboards" presented by Brandon ...

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Contact Table Template

Author: Chris Macomber | 114 Downloads

This application contains a single table that is a template for a generic contact record. ...

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Empower 2020 - Introduction to Formulas

Author: Alana Whipp | 111 Downloads

Empower 2020 - Introduction to Formulas ...

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Company Table Template

Author: Chris Macomber | 91 Downloads

This application contains a single table that is a template for a generic company record. ...

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Time Zone Data

Author: Chris Baker | 91 Downloads

This is a single table app that contains all of the time zones along with the major cities in each. ...

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EMPOWER2019: Intro to Formulas

Author: Freddie Sabbs | 86 Downloads

This app is for use in the EMPOWER 2019 session titled "Intro to Formulas" presented by Eric Mohlman ...

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EMPOWER2019: Intro to Relationships

Author: Freddie Sabbs | 84 Downloads

This app is for use in the EMPOWER 2019 session titled "Intro to Relationships" presented by Ben Bud ...

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Company Commute Program

Author: Krishnamurthy B | 84 Downloads

An application for organizing and managing a ride-share and company commute program. ...

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EMPOWER2020: Cascading Permissions

Author: Thomas Leverone | 80 Downloads

This application goes along with the Empower 2020 Cascading Permissions breakout session/recording! ...

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Company Announcements

Author: Drew Voge | 78 Downloads

This is an example of how to include a simple company "announcements" component that you can embed i ...

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Summit Workshop - Dimension Table

Author: Erich Wehrmann | 73 Downloads

This application will be used for the 2019 QB Summits. ...

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Empower 2020 Enhancement Tracking

Author: Bree Mackey | 71 Downloads

This application is used as a request-intake, enhancement & release note tracker, and data dicti ...

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QuickBase ROI Calculator v.2

Author: David McCormick | 70 Downloads

Use this application to track every workflow you solve with QuickBase, by function and team. Capture ...

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Access by School

Author: Jessica Mantaro | 66 Downloads

This is a sample database which shows how to limit access and roles based on who the current user is ...

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Area Code Listing

Author: Chris Macomber | 58 Downloads

This is a simple one-table application that lists all of the assigned area codes in North America. I ...

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(Empower 2020) Translating Your Spreadsheet To QB

Author: Joseph Yung | 57 Downloads

This is the sample able to be used for the Empower 2020 Session, Translating Your Spreadsheet Into a ...

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Builder Governance Administration

Author: Bree Mackey | 54 Downloads

This application will help you track your Applications, Builders, Enhancement Requests, Builder Trai ...

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2019 App-a-thon | 1st Place - Looping Funcitons

Author: Ryan Murray | 53 Downloads

The winner of the 2019 Empower App-a-Thon. App built by Dan Ricci, Meredith Moore, and John Rogers. ...

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Easy Account Management w/ QB Sync

Author: Brian Cafferelli | 47 Downloads

Did you know you can view daily usage of your Quick Base applications, manage chargebacks, and categ ...

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Procurement Spend Analytics Tool

Author: Connor M. | 46 Downloads

Utilize to map and track your spend from third party vendors ...

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Show Feedback

Author: first | 42 Downloads

Provide a link to the survey on an email notification, make it available on your website, or send it ...

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Flight Folio Log Tracking Application

Author: Eli Byrnes | 41 Downloads

Track your Flights, Aircrafts, Aicraft Maintenance, Pilot Log,Crew Members, Flight Folio and individ ...

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Incling Equipment Inventory

Author: Jai Kenway | 40 Downloads

Incling Equipment Inventory manages the equipment and ordering of camera related gear. ****NOTES F ...

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Client Stay - Hotel Tracking

Author: Elise Orr | 39 Downloads

This app will allow you to track clients that have stayed in a certain room with your hotel. ***Not ...

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CSM Training - Formula Examples

Author: Alana W. | 35 Downloads

Interactive CSM training (11/12) ...

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Performance Reviews 2.1

Author: Forrest Parker | 33 Downloads

Download this app to learn the user security techniques learned in the Empower 2016 presentation "Us ...

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Sustainable App Workshop

Author: Evan Martinez | 33 Downloads

This app is for use with the "Sustainable App Workshop" at Empower2019 ...

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EMPOWER 2019: Roles and Permissions

Author: Freddie Sabbs | 32 Downloads

This app is for use in the EMPOWER 2019 session titled "Roles and Permissions" presented by Eliza Li ...

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Quick Base App Value Calculator

Author: SVC-QB App Owner-JJ | 31 Downloads

Use this application to track every application or workflow you solve with Quick Base, by function a ...

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Office Potluck Organizer

Author: Justin Lapier | 30 Downloads

Track Office Potluck events, and what everyone is bringing to those events. ...

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Template Automation Training

Author: Adrian Lloyd | 27 Downloads

Create Training Templates to easily assign lessons to your employees ...

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Musician Bookings Albums Release

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 27 Downloads

Manage Musician Bookings and Album Releases. Keep Track of Artist Contracts and any changes to stand ...

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ABC Issues and Stakeholders

Author: Kirk Trachy | 26 Downloads

When you have an issue, it can affect many locations and many departments. This application gives yo ...

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Virtual Empower 2020: Project Example

Author: David Pontier | 26 Downloads

An app for use with a few Quick Hit presentations for the 2020 Virtual Empower. ...

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CS Technical Training Auto Numbering 2019

Author: Adrian Lloyd | 25 Downloads

An App to walk through the steps to create an Autonumbering process ...

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Summit Workshop - Row Level Security

Author: Erich Wehrmann | 23 Downloads

This application will be used for the 2019 QB Summits. ...

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Empower 2020 - Pipelines Copy Templates Demo

Author: Leanne Snoeck | 22 Downloads

Use this app to build along with the Pipelines Copy Templates Empower 2020 Session. ...

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Online Orders

Author: Niel S. | 21 Downloads

Basic order entry for fiberoptic installations. ***NOTES FROM CURATOR*** This is a basic order entr ...

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Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 21 Downloads

Web Development Questionnaire ...

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Recycle App

Author: Eli Byrnes | 16 Downloads

Track Scheduled Pick up of Recycling, pick up weights, any products picked up to be used to refurb/r ...

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State Public Safety Entities

Author: Kelly Gottsponer | 15 Downloads

Compiles FirstNet data collection requirements for State Public Safety Entities. ***NOTES FROM THE ...

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Empower 2019 - User Group Manager

Author: Chaz Logue | 15 Downloads

Are you looking to start your own User Group that meets regularly? Be it Quick Base related or not - ...

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Author: Cindy Brown | 14 Downloads

Medical Services Treatment Management ****NOTES FROM THE CURATOR***** This application tracks clie ...

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Ping Pong Ladder

Author: Adam Hoover | 13 Downloads

This is an application that is designed to allow a team to challenge each other and have fun. You'll ...

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OEM Opportunity Management

Author: Matthew Pursel | 13 Downloads

This app was built for a multi-national manufacturing company to track their manufacturing customers ...

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Author: Jean-Yves Delestrez | 13 Downloads

A one table app to track online purchases of shearing tools used in triming vineyards, orchards, gro ...

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New App Proposal

Author: Alec Sprague | 12 Downloads

Use this app to allow people at your company to propose/suggest new QuickBase apps. The app allows y ...

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FMH session sign ups

Author: Melanie B. | 12 Downloads

This app is used for activity signups (thus the name)... There are three tables Activities, Times an ...

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Johnny Quick Base's Approved Defense Counsel

Author: John Parham | 12 Downloads

This application is a tool to find approved counsel by state. It will group and filter by county for ...

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Prime Time - Trivia: For Exchange

Author: Quick Base | 12 Downloads

From Appathon ...

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2019 App-a-Thon | 2nd Place - Quick Base Aces

Author: Ryan Murray | 12 Downloads

The second place winner of the 2019 Empower App-a-Thon. App built by David Pontier, Kevin Goltermann ...

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Virtual Empower 2020: Lessons Learned

Author: David Pontier | 11 Downloads

For use in a Virtual Empower Quick Hit session ...

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Product Sales & Service CRM

Author: Reed Taylor | 11 Downloads

Product Sales & Service CRM ...

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Inbound Call Tracking

Author: Doug Kamphuis | 11 Downloads

Use this QuickBase to assign incoming calls to sales reps, and ensure every lead is contacted. *** ...

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Molly's Project Manager

Author: Molly Boushell | 8 Downloads

This app is for managing small personal or professional projects. Created April 2020 during the Quic ...

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Mystery Shopper Application

Author: Eli Byrnes | 8 Downloads

This application tracks Regions, Districts, Store # / Store Locations and all mystery shopper forms ...

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RCH Min Max Aircraft Inventory

Author: Joaquin Escobar | 8 Downloads

What it Does This app manages the inventory of equipment installed at various retail locations or c ...

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Introductory Fitness Ladder

Author: Phil Powis | 6 Downloads

This exercise program is organized around a fitness ladder with 48 rungs. Each rung prescribes a giv ...

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Pipelines - Create Unique Parents

Author: Bree Mackey | 6 Downloads

This application demos how to utilize the JSON Handler channel in Pipelines + the new APIs to create ...

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2019 App-a-Thon | 4th Place - Apps before Naps

Author: Ryan Murray | 6 Downloads

This app won 4th place in the 2019 Empower App-a-Thon. App built by Kelly Hayes, Gwen Jones, Christi ...

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2019 App-a-Thon | 3rd Place - It's a trApp!

Author: Ryan Murray | 5 Downloads

This app took third place in the 2019 Empower App-a-Thon. App built by Jordan Jennings, Kat valentin ...

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Drinks Not Shrinks - Trivia: For Exchange

Author: Quick Base | 5 Downloads

To Help organize Tuesday Night Trivia ...

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Holy Shirts and Pants - Trivia: For Exchange

Author: Quick Base | 4 Downloads

This application helps ACME TRIVIA manage the TUESDAY NIGHT TRIVIA business through managing new acc ...

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Soumi extended team outing

Author: Manjunatha Ramakrishnappa | 2 Downloads

Extended team outing tracking ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** This is a simple, one table app that a ...

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Feedback for Cafeteria Services

Author: Milan Thakker | 2 Downloads

Your opinions are the only measure to success. ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** An easy to use one tabl ...

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Rick Jensen Staff QuickBase

Author: Lisa Zapata | 2 Downloads

Simply add your deck/document to the date of the staff meeting in which you are presenting. ...

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WCGB: Adopt a mile Bangalore - Register

Author: Sonam Agarwal | 1 Downloads

Register here to participate in 2nd October ADOPT-A-MILE BENGALURU Campaign ...

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