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Non-profit Apps

HR Management - Exch Ver 2.1

Author: Crystal Bay Solutions | 1,157 Downloads

Have at your fingertips all of the details on each of your employees from their applicant stage to t ...

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Non-Profit Manager

Author: Quick Base | 891 Downloads

Grow your base of support, deepen relationships and raise more money for your non-profit with this r ...

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Event Attendee Manager

Author: Quick Base | 831 Downloads

Database for tracking Attendee information requests and registrations for an Event. This database h ...

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Event Planner All-in-One

Author: Sybil Shearin | 407 Downloads

This app helps you run small-to-medium size events while keeping all the details straight. Let volun ...

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Non-Profit CRM and Donor Management - Exch Ver 2.0

Author: Crystal Bay Solutions | 378 Downloads

This application integrates all of your donor, program and administrative functions at one source al ...

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Example - Tracking Tests and Students

Author: Xavier Fan | 309 Downloads

Help create tests, assign multiple students to take multiple scheduled tests, and be able to track a ...

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Membership Management - Exch Ver 2.1

Author: Cullen Coates | 212 Downloads

Gain control of the myriad of details surrounding Membership with this application. Keep track of yo ...

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Entity & Event Management Portal

Author: Kristie McGhee | 173 Downloads

Track Entities and the Events scheduled. This application has the ability to Import Standard To-Dos ...

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Sales Force Automation System

Author: Sara Rydberg | 144 Downloads

Here is our new easy to use and comprehensive Sales Force Automation application. This application i ...

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Event Management - Exch Ver 2.1

Author: Crystal Bay Solutions | 132 Downloads

Template application for managing association, company or non-profit events. The format can be cha ...

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Volunteer Intake

Author: Sarah Clark | 127 Downloads

This app replaced a paper and email system for collecting applications to our teen volunteer program ...

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Ministry Donation Tracker (Essentials Compliant)

Author: Elise Orr | 125 Downloads

This application will allow you to track each ministry donation you receive from your congregation. ...

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Government Funding

Author: Phil Powis | 115 Downloads

Search and view government funding given to different organizations by a government agency. This a ...

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Volunteer Management - Exch Ver 2.1

Author: Crystal Bay Solutions | 105 Downloads

This application enables organizations to manage basic volunteer activities. Track Volunteers. Tr ...

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Nonprofit Grant Management - Exch Ver 2.0

Author: Crystal Bay Solutions | 101 Downloads

Allows nonprofit agencies to track all foundation and corporation research for possible grant or cor ...

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Performance Review Management - Exch Ver 2.1

Author: Crystal Bay Solutions | 88 Downloads

Strengthen your internal Human Resources functions through this Performance Review Management applic ...

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Example: My Lending Library

Author: Sybil Shearin | 87 Downloads

This example app illustrates how to construct an app that has a many-to-many relationship. ...

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Foundation Grant Tracking - Exch Ver. 2.1

Author: Crystal Bay Solutions | 85 Downloads

This application enables foundations to track their grants from initial request to completion. Ide ...

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Donor and Gift Management

Author: Lori Woolworth | 54 Downloads

***Note from the Curator*** This application was submitted by a non-profit organization that sells ...

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Church Member CRM application

Author: Eli Byrnes | 54 Downloads

Track your members, worships / classes, attendances and communications with your members ...

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We Care & Give Back Information Center

Author: Jenna Mahina | 39 Downloads

This area provides you with the tools, information and resources to help you be the best you can be ...

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Simple Legal Case Manager

Author: Brandy Wesolowski | 38 Downloads

Manage your clients and their cases, the discoveries, defendants, co-defendants, etc. ...

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501c3 Project and Campaign Manager

Author: Eli Byrnes | 35 Downloads

Track 501c3's, Projects, Campaigns, Local Merchants, Business Contacts and more ****NOTES FROM THE ...

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Church Soul Care and Counseling Mangement

Author: Joshua A Ricciardi | 34 Downloads

Built by Church Ministry Leaders for Church Ministry Leaders! Securely manage your Church's counseli ...

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Member Management

Author: Carolina Pardo | 30 Downloads

Manage your members in your nonprofit organization ...

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Nonprofit Employee Timesheet sample

Author: Tracy Pittman | 29 Downloads

This App is design to allocate employee daily clock in and out over grants based on funded percentag ...

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Marketing Plan & Service Consulting Portal

Author: Kristie McGhee | 22 Downloads

Track contacts, phone calls, emails, and future appointments, and upload important documents in this ...

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Ministry Donation Tracker

Author: Elise Orr | 21 Downloads

This application will allow you to track each ministry donation you receive from your congregation. ...

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State Assistance Applicants

Author: Brandy Wesolowski | 19 Downloads

This application was designed to track Public Assistance applicants and services for a state wide co ...

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Yacht Racing Championship Regatta

Author: Jim Lieder | 9 Downloads

Yacht skippers can enter and can update their boat entries by using the link the the registration co ...

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R&D Escalation Tracker

Author: Bharath Gopi | 6 Downloads

The Escalation Database tracks and communicates customer issues that are unable to be solved by supp ...

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Movember Nominations

Author: Keith Dugas | 5 Downloads

This app was very successful at Intuit Cambridge to get people to participate in Movember. The app i ...

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Author: Prashanth C.H | 4 Downloads

EarthDay drawing contest ***Note from Curator*** This application appears to be a simple sign up f ...

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Adopt a Mile Bangalore

Author: Amit Maurya | 2 Downloads

WCGB event scheduled for 2nd October ...

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PCS QA Outing

Author: Shreya Mukhopadhyay | 1 Downloads

PCS QA Outing details ...

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