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Knowledge Management Apps

Document Library

Author: Matthew George | 8,833 Downloads

Improve team collaboration and track revisions of work in progress, all in one central spot. Uploa ...

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Support Knowledge Base

Author: Quick Base | 2,159 Downloads

Create a library of articles and frequently asked questions to allow your community to quickly acces ...

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API Boot Camp

Author: Sean Padian | 742 Downloads

This application contains all the features and functionality of ABC Project Manager 3, and is used a ...

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Simple Document Library

Author: Phil Powis | 613 Downloads

A simple repository for documents. Upload, categorize, and store important documents all in one pla ...

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Process Excellence All-in-One

Author: Chris Baker | 501 Downloads

Includes Project Scheduling, Resource Tracking and Knowledge Sharing together in one consolidated ap ...

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Essentials Support Knowledge Base

Author: Isaiah Morris | 453 Downloads

Essentials Compatible Create a library of articles and frequently asked questions to allow your comm ...

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Event Planner All-in-One

Author: Sybil Shearin | 413 Downloads

This app helps you run small-to-medium size events while keeping all the details straight. Let volun ...

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Team Training

Author: Jason DeVincentis | 385 Downloads

This is a simple document library application to track training documents as well as feedback regard ...

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The Feedback App

Author: Nathan Underwood | 284 Downloads

Otherwise known as "FeedbApp"! Retooling an app and making iterations to enhance it over time is ...

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Author: Peter Fearey (intuit) | 279 Downloads

This is the central Glossary. Before you ask "what does X mean", look it up here first! And although ...

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Research & Usability Tracker Basic

Author: Gideon Ansell | 212 Downloads

You can effectively run a complete research department with this single app. Keep an ongoing list of ...

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BlogShare 1.1

Author: Quick Base | 192 Downloads

Easy internal blogging application. Content fields accept basic HTML and file extention field auto ...

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Author: Krypt0n1@n   | 179 Downloads

Frequently asked questions and answers that should help all users from novice through advanced. ...

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Product Information Center

Author: Karen Meier | 174 Downloads

This application can be the central repository for product collateral and information. It contains t ...

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Birthday and Anniversary Listing Application

Author: Brad Kruger | 143 Downloads

Contains birthday and anniversary dates. ...

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Training Content Portal

Author: Blake Harrison | 141 Downloads

This app allows your training department to manage the submission and approval of suggested resource ...

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Online Library

Author: Donna Dowdney | 128 Downloads

Library that tracks check-outs, titles, reviews. ...

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Internal Question & Answer Message Board

Author: Justin Lapier | 126 Downloads

This application allows employees to post questions which other employees can answer, and posted rel ...

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Document Repository

Author: Gabriel Mendoza | 97 Downloads

Improve team collaboration and track revisions of work in progress, all in one central spot. Uploa ...

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Subscribed Services and Password Tracking

Author: Justin Lapier | 88 Downloads

This app was created to track any Subscription Services your company has, and also the log in inform ...

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Knowledge (KM) & Feedback System

Author: Greg Robin | 87 Downloads

This application was developed to help a marketing department in a Fortune 500 company deploy a "kno ...

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E-mail Settings

Author: Damon Daniels | 65 Downloads

Database of e-mail server settings (i.e. POP3, SMTP, IMAP) for setting up your email client. ...

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Author: Robin Shen | 56 Downloads

***Note from Curator*** This is a customized version of the popular Document Library app that is me ...

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Training Course Specifications

Author: Christina Nystrom | 45 Downloads

Get your spec review process out of e-mail, and in a central location where the appropriate groups c ...

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QuickBase Application Access Manager

Author: Justin Lapier | 41 Downloads

QuickBase Access Manager allows you to track all of your QuickBase Applications, the Application Man ...

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Hosted Video Module

Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 39 Downloads

An application that allows you to store links from hosted video sources like YouTube and Vimeo. This ...

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Prescription Minder

Author: Gideon Ansell | 38 Downloads

This app keeps you up to date on all your family's prescriptions. It also keeps doctors and pharmacy ...

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BUR Resource Library

Author: John Macko | 38 Downloads

What you need to instruct, what you need to know about working in Training Department, resources and ...

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Accountant Team File Upload Request Form

Author: Jason DeVincentis | 37 Downloads

This is a simple app to track requests to upload documents. ...

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Customer Feedback: Activity & Feedback Tracker

Author: Suzanne L | 28 Downloads

This app manages and tracks your customer feedback initiative. Manages all participants in a current ...

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ACH Ops Knowledgebase

Author: Molly Coffey | 25 Downloads

Create a library of articles to allow your community to quickly access, review and share the informa ...

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HR Answers

Author: Courtney Sandlin | 21 Downloads

This app is based off of the internal HR support system that Intuit has set up. It is a bit less rob ...

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Entitlement Project Site

Author: Himmat Randhawa | 15 Downloads

Entitlements Project documents, risks, issues and tasks ...

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Continuous Development

Author: natalya gostyaeva | 14 Downloads

Application is to track the tools used by EBS for Source Code Contol, Build, Configuration and Deplo ...

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Quick Reference Tool (QRT)

Author: Wade Haviland | 13 Downloads

The Quick Reference Tool is a one stop shop for item setup and item maintenance issues. ***NOTES F ...

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Rep Submissions - Document Storage

Author: Elise Orr | 10 Downloads

This application will allow your consultant to submit ideas for help documents. It is also designed ...

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Author: Deb Schoonover | 6 Downloads

This application can be used by teams who want to track agenda items and issues online. It include ...

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Brocade Connectivity

Author: Candie Smith | 5 Downloads

Brocade + Server Connectivity Spreadsheet ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** This is a basic one table so ...

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Essential Support Knowledge Base

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | Downloads

Create a library of articles and frequently asked questions to allow your community to quickly acces ...

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