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Human Resources Apps

Vacation Calendar

Author: Kathy Marohl | 3,325 Downloads

I have created a Time Off Calendar so that you can record scheduled time away from the office, i.e. ...

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Training Management System

Author: Quick Base | 2,963 Downloads

Gain real-time visibility into the performance of your employee training programs with this comprehe ...

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ABC Customer Request Tracker

Author: Kirk Trachy | 2,205 Downloads

ABC Customer Request Tracker keeps track of web requests without being a QuickBase user. Customers, ...

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Simple Employee Time Sheet

Author: Phil Powis | 2,055 Downloads

Simple and customizable monthly timesheet for the individual employee. Allows tracking of Regular, ...

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ABC Daily Time Cards

Author: Kirk Trachy | 1,967 Downloads

This application tracks time cards and accounts for employees who have to "Punch-In" and "Punch-Out" ...

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Personnel Data Template

Author: Quick Base | 1,763 Downloads

Keep track of employee start dates, managers, departments, salary and contact information. ...

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Manage Performance Reviews

Author: Quick Base | 1,751 Downloads

Schedule annual and midyear reviews for your employees. Collect peer feedback and self-reviews, and ...

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HR Management - Exch Ver 2.1

Author: Crystal Bay Solutions | 1,193 Downloads

Have at your fingertips all of the details on each of your employees from their applicant stage to t ...

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Job Candidate Tracker Template

Author: Quick Base | 1,112 Downloads

Track incoming resumes and hiring status in a searchable database; sort by occupation and location. ...

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Team Hiring and Recruiting

Author: Peter Fearey | 1,077 Downloads

This is a recruiting application that tracks positions, candidates and interview notes from team mem ...

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Resource Allocation Planning

Author: Sky McCormick | 789 Downloads

This is a resource allocation planning and reporting tool. It tracks individuals and projects and wh ...

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Employee Scheduling and Time Card Application

Author: Justin Lapier | 763 Downloads

This application enables you to enter employees schedules by day/week, employees can clock in and cl ...

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Employee Clock In & Clock Out

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 746 Downloads

Simple employee tracker to manage hire dates, termination dates, emergency contacts, medical informa ...

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Employee PTO Calendar

Author: Gayle Rediske | 721 Downloads

Consolidate your businesss vacation/PTO calendar with this Employee PTO Calendar application from Qu ...

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Your Company Vacation Calendar

Author: Eric Oler | 687 Downloads

I have created a Time Off Calendar so that you can record scheduled time away from the office, i.e. ...

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Team Complete Contact Manager

Author: Kristie McGhee | 642 Downloads

Track your company's ongoing relationship with companies and contacts with this Essential Plan Ready ...

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New Hire Checklist

Author: Keith Dugas | 613 Downloads

This Application is a checklist to provide to new hires at your organization to walk them through th ...

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Demo of Form/Formula Usage

Author: Craig McElroy | 550 Downloads

This application demonstrates how formulas and forms can be used in conjunction to elevate the compl ...

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Simple Rep Commission Tracker

Author: Justin Lapier | 545 Downloads

Track your teams sales and commission with this easy-to-use Simple Rep Commission Tracker app from Q ...

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Certificate Training Management

Author: Kristin Godoy | 509 Downloads

Keep your employee certificates current and keep your business in compliance. Whether you are in ch ...

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Recruiting Requisitions Template

Author: Quick Base | 504 Downloads

Give HR a way to track open, past and planned job requisitions ...

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Recruitment Tracker

Author: Chris Baker | 413 Downloads

This app is for recruiting agencies that want to track requisitions for multiple companies. It track ...

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New Hire On-boarding

Author: Cameron Munger | 358 Downloads

Leverage the copy master detail button to track template on-boarding steps for all new hires! ...

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Personal Goal Manager

Author: Rory Wingham | 351 Downloads

The personal goal manager makes it easy to set, manage, and achieve your goals. It supports the S.M. ...

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Essentials Employee Clock In/Clock Out

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 342 Downloads

Simple employee tracker to manage hire dates, termination dates, emergency contacts, medical informa ...

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Weekly Timesheet

Author: Dawn Schon | 332 Downloads

Track your hours by day, including: Hours worked Time taken for lunch Time away for appointments ...

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Timesheet With Individual Logins

Author: Jeff Kelly | 292 Downloads

This timesheet allows an administrator to view hours entered by staff who only have permission to vi ...

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Essential Employee Scheduled Training

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 282 Downloads

Gain real-time visibility into the performance of your employee training programs with this comprehe ...

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Training Class Sign Up

Author: David Hull | 242 Downloads

Simple App to sign up for training class, with an Admin table to add classes, and assign instructors ...

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Talent Acquisition Events Calendar

Author: Erin Lacey | 233 Downloads

This is a calendar for all of Talent Acquisition (TA). Normally, it is populated by pulling in calen ...

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Annual Goals and Employee Performace Review

Author: Eli Byrnes | 229 Downloads

Comprehensive Performance Management Suite. ...

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Membership Management - Exch Ver 2.1

Author: Cullen Coates | 214 Downloads

Gain control of the myriad of details surrounding Membership with this application. Keep track of yo ...

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HR WorkFlow QB Edition

Author: Phil Powis | 205 Downloads

This app tracks the termination process of employees within an organization. It provides a workflow ...

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Equipment Tracker

Author: Phil Powis | 198 Downloads

The Equipment Tracker allows you to log in and view equipment that is available to assign to yoursel ...

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HR Recuitment Tracker

Author: Siddharth Ram | 197 Downloads

Track incoming resumes and hiring status in a searchable database; sort by occupation and location, ...

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First Report of Injury Workers Compensation Inform

Author: Colby Rhodes | 183 Downloads

This report is to be completed for all incidents resulting in injury/illness of an employee where me ...

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Top Company Payroll 1.0

Author: Felton Faucher | 169 Downloads

Sample payroll app, it still has some kinks, but it is a concept which can work. ***Note from the C ...

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Employee All in One Training

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 157 Downloads

Gain real-time visibility into the performance of your employee training programs with this comprehe ...

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Team Member Scheduling Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 157 Downloads

Track your Team Members, schedules and the shifts they are scheduled for. ...

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Training Management

Author: Brooke Eder | 154 Downloads

Track training assignments, training completion, overdue/expired trainings, etc for your employees. ...

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Birthday and Anniversary Listing Application

Author: Brad Kruger | 143 Downloads

Contains birthday and anniversary dates. ...

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Employee Tracker

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 141 Downloads

Simple employee tracker to manage hire dates, termination dates, emergency contacts, medical informa ...

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ABC HR Case Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 136 Downloads

Human Resource organizations can now track all the details of their case requests with ABC HR Case M ...

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Candidate Skill Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 136 Downloads

Track incoming resumes and hiring status in a searchable database; sort by occupation and location, ...

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Employee Performance Tracker

Author: Nathan Kane | 136 Downloads

Track goals, accomplishments, skills, and reviews with this Employee Performance Tracker by Quick Ba ...

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Recruiting Lead Tracker

Author: Mark Howard | 128 Downloads

Import leads from marketing databases or trade shows, then assign them to outbound sales reps for fo ...

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Volunteer Intake

Author: Sarah Clark | 127 Downloads

This app replaced a paper and email system for collecting applications to our teen volunteer program ...

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Employment, Training & Apprentice Registra Tracker

Author: Eli Byrnes | 122 Downloads

Keep track of all the training courses your employees need to attend with this easy to organize appl ...

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Event Conference Manager

Author: Jennifer Rice | 118 Downloads

Quickly access the information you need to optimize your involvement in industry events and conferen ...

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Production Scheduling

Author: Tracy Bowen | 117 Downloads

Scheduling App for Multiple Job Sites ***Note from Curator*** This application is used for schedul ...

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ABC Training Course Certification Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 115 Downloads

This application tracks employees their training requirements and certifications. If your employees ...

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Practice Manager & Scheduler

Author: Brooke Eder | 114 Downloads

Manage rosters for staff at various locations. Keep track of staff information, practice/office loca ...

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Volunteer Management - Exch Ver 2.1

Author: Crystal Bay Solutions | 111 Downloads

This application enables organizations to manage basic volunteer activities. Track Volunteers. Tr ...

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Hiring: Applicants and Positions

Author: Greg Diamond | 105 Downloads

Designed to make Drew Olsen's life easier. An application for tracking hiring process and candidates ...

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Vehicle Lease Manager

Author: Eric Oler | 103 Downloads

This Vehicle Lease Tracker is very handy to manage your vehicle leases and keep track of reported ma ...

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ABC Employee Skill Tracker

Author: Kirk Trachy | 103 Downloads

This application tracks employees and their skills providing separate dashboards for administrators ...

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Customizable HR Database

Author: Lisa Millette | 97 Downloads

Simple employee tracker to manage hire dates, termination dates, emergency contacts, medical informa ...

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Performance Review Management - Exch Ver 2.1

Author: Crystal Bay Solutions | 90 Downloads

Strengthen your internal Human Resources functions through this Performance Review Management applic ...

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Employee Scheduled Training

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 89 Downloads

Gain real-time visibility into the performance of your employee training programs with this comprehe ...

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ABC Employee Vacation and PTO Tracker

Author: Kirk Trachy | 89 Downloads

Tracks employee PTO, Vacation, Working and Time Off. Allows you to enter a weekly time log and gener ...

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HR Recruitment Application

Author: Phi Nguyen | 87 Downloads

This Quickbase app helps you track your incoming applicants, refer new applicants, track the progres ...

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Business Trip Expense Manager

Author: Justin Lapier | 80 Downloads

Track Business trips, and all related expenses. Management has the ability to approve trips, and the ...

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Purchase Request Approval Tracking

Author: Sean Gray | 80 Downloads

Tracks purchase request approval through several levels of approval ...

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Author: CLIVE SANG | 66 Downloads

IUOM Membership Application containing tables to track members, their lodges, and the unit associate ...

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New Hire Process and Scheduling

Author: Isaiah Morris | 56 Downloads

This application tracks your new hires and interview schedules. It helps you manage background check ...

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Simple Device & Password Tracker

Author: Kristie McGhee | 56 Downloads

Track your Clients, their Employees Devices & Passwords. ...

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Employee Self Paced Training Management

Author: Kristin Godoy | 54 Downloads

Take control over your employees' growth and development. This app provides a simple interface to ...

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Candidate Pipelining and Prospecting Database

Author: Scott Axel | 54 Downloads

This is a Prospecting and Pipelining recruiting app geared at tracking and maintaining an active pip ...

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Skill or Talent Repository

Author: Narendra N Ratnakaram | 52 Downloads

Maintain a list of every resource at your disposal, including experience and capabilities. ...

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Offshore Resources - Vendor Management Office

Author: Doug M. | 52 Downloads

A database that helps you setup, track, and rate offshore resources. Keep track of contracts, expira ...

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Office Manager Assistant

Author: Elise Orr | 52 Downloads

Track meetings, Office Maintenance, Office Notificaitons, Staff, Payroll ...

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Relocation Simplification

Author: Scott MacLean | 45 Downloads

Move anywhere in the world stress free with this app, made by a QuickBase employee who relocated wit ...

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Training Course Specifications

Author: Christina Nystrom | 45 Downloads

Get your spec review process out of e-mail, and in a central location where the appropriate groups c ...

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* ABC Employee Skills Assessment with Buttons

Author: Kirk Trachy | 45 Downloads

Simple Employee database. Showcasing buttons that update the skill level without having to edit a re ...

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Prime Painting Scheduling

Author: Tracy Bowen | 42 Downloads

Scheduling App for Multiple Job Sites ***NOTE FROM CURATOR*** This is a thorough application that ...

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1:1 Tracker

Author: Keith Dugas | 42 Downloads

This app is meant for a small team to track topics that they need help with, so that they can keep t ...

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QuickBase Application Access Manager

Author: Justin Lapier | 41 Downloads

QuickBase Access Manager allows you to track all of your QuickBase Applications, the Application Man ...

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Appointment Registration System

Author: Stephen C. | 39 Downloads

This application was originally developed as a massage registration application. This can be easily ...

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Unstructured Time Tracker

Author: Logan Probst | 39 Downloads

Track and manage your company's unstructured time participants. ...

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We Care & Give Back Information Center

Author: Jenna Mahina | 39 Downloads

This area provides you with the tools, information and resources to help you be the best you can be ...

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Workplace Injury Tracker - Exch Ver 2.1

Author: Crystal Bay Solutions | 39 Downloads

Core Functions of this Application: Track Employee injury reports. Determine corroboration of wi ...

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MedCerts Employee Portal

Author: Gayle Rediske | 38 Downloads

Keep track of company organizational chart, employee contact information, HR forms and other company ...

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Employee Concerns

Author: Elise Orr | 35 Downloads

This application will allow management to review concerns from employees w/out having to wait for an ...

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Performance Reviews 2.1

Author: Forrest Parker | 33 Downloads

Download this app to learn the user security techniques learned in the Empower 2016 presentation "Us ...

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Learning & Development Course Logistics

Author: Christina Nystrom | 32 Downloads

This app tracks logistics and courses for employee development. It allows anyone to request a new co ...

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Test HR People App

Author: Rakip Bebo | 31 Downloads

Test HR app that contains Employee Records, PTO/Vacation Tracker as well as Performance reviews. ...

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Peer Review Feedback

Author: Eric Hansen | 30 Downloads

Peer reviews are a great way to share very helpful feedback during a mid-year or annual employee rev ...

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Medical Provider Recruiting

Author: Chris Brooks | 30 Downloads

This app is used to track your recruiting efforts for Medical Professionals. ***NOTES FROM THE CURA ...

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Performance Reviews - Quick Start

Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 28 Downloads

Download this template application to get started with continuous performance management in Quick Ba ...

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Peer Review Feedback

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 27 Downloads

An easy way to give feedback during annual reviews in your company. All entries are setup to be anon ...

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Public Image Library u9

Author: Matt Earll | 26 Downloads

Improve team collaboration and track revisions of work in progress, all in one central spot. Uploa ...

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Vendor Training Management

Author: Kristin Godoy | 26 Downloads

The Vendor Training Management application is designed to keep training companies organized. Store ...

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Employee Complaint Form

Author: Phil Powis | 24 Downloads

A very useful form when there is a complaint by an employee against another employee, senior manager ...

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Open Requisition Status Report

Author: Debra Laflin | 23 Downloads

The Open Requisition Status Report QuickBase was created so the Talent Acquisition group has a centr ...

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Essentials Manage Performance Reviews

Author: Nathaniel Montgomery | 22 Downloads

Schedule annual and midyear reviews for your employees. Collect peer feedback and self-reviews, and ...

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HR Answers

Author: Courtney Sandlin | 21 Downloads

This app is based off of the internal HR support system that Intuit has set up. It is a bit less rob ...

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Call Centre Tracker

Author: Gavin D. | 21 Downloads

Simple incident call tracker to assist call centers or emergency centers to associate calls with spe ...

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ABC Conference Meeting Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy | 21 Downloads

This app helps track your team and meeting room availability at conferences. You enter your team and ...

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Fitness Tracking

Author: Eric Diaz | 20 Downloads

Track your fitness training with friends or co-workers. Use automated tutorials for instructions and ...

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State Assistance Applicants

Author: Brandy Wesolowski | 19 Downloads

This application was designed to track Public Assistance applicants and services for a state wide co ...

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Report Requests and Library

Author: Christopher E Cronenberg | 18 Downloads

An application for managing requests for reports. ...

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RSVP 2014 Intuit Bay Area Winter Gala

Author: Lindsay Rango | 16 Downloads

RSVP 2014 Intuit Bay Area Winter Gala ***Notes from the Curator*** This is a very simple example o ...

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Recruitment Projects

Author: Phil Powis | 16 Downloads

A Project Management System centered around managing recruiting for educational institutions. ...

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Cloudaction Resource Manager

Author: Liz Unsworth | 16 Downloads

Cloudaction Resource Manger helps you track and organize your recruiting efforts. Stay on top of you ...

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Leadership Program Application Manager

Author: Paul Mueller | 16 Downloads

This database is intended to serve as an entry point to the selection process for a leadership progr ...

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Emergency Response Team

Author: Krishnamurthy B | 15 Downloads

An app for planning preparing emergency procedures for office locations. ...

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APD Customer Care Quarterly Incentive FY13-Q2

Author: Quick Base | 14 Downloads

A finance-driven app that tracks events, training, and quarterly sales incentives. ...

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Employee-Manager Quarterly Sit-Downs

Author: Mark Levitt | 14 Downloads

Employees and managers can use this app to prepare for quarterly review meetings. ...

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One Table: Contacts

Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 13 Downloads

A contacts table you can use to quickly get started. ...

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Your Company Bonus Tracker

Author: Eric Oler | 9 Downloads

Use this handy application to distribute a lump sum bonus to your employees by splitting it up using ...

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Internal Contact Distribution Manager

Author: Kristie McGhee | 7 Downloads

Track the Contacts that are assigned to each Sales Consultants internally. Helps to maintain even di ...

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Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 4 Downloads

Sometimes you just need something simple to expand on. This app has just one table for contacts. ...

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Intuit PRIDE San Diego

Author: Brennan Hartich | Downloads

This is for all San Diego members who are interested in the PRIDE group. ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR ...

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