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Advanced Functionality Apps

QuickBase API Cookbook v3

Author: gareth lewis | 1,441 Downloads

This application is a collection of small-to-medium size code snippets that solve particular problem ...

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All-Star Project + Task Templates

Author: Sam Jones | 1,406 Downloads

Use this app to manage Projects and Tasks, with reusable Project Templates stored on a separate tabl ...

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URL Formula Buttons for Dummies v1

Author: Mark Shnier YQC | 1,055 Downloads

Example of how to create a URL formula buttons which can perform multiple actions in one click. ...

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Styled Text Formula Builder

Author: Brian C. | 831 Downloads

A quick way to generate formulas to display with your own personal style. Change the color and size ...

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Javascript Popup Examples

Author: Phil Powis | 631 Downloads

This app demonstrates how to use Formula URL fields in conjunction with javascript to create three d ...

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Author: Phil Powis | 553 Downloads

This app shows how to use a simple js script to record current location's Latitude and Longitude. It ...

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Demo of Form/Formula Usage

Author: Craig McElroy | 467 Downloads

This application demonstrates how formulas and forms can be used in conjunction to elevate the compl ...

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Tutorial: One Click Button for Outlook Email

Author: Phil Powis | 409 Downloads

This is an example app that shows you how to use a formula URL link to construct a valid Mailto: lin ...

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Field Change Log for Audit Trail

Author: Phil Powis | 370 Downloads

An example of how you can create an audit log of an individual field. You could reproduce this for a ...

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Edit Record With Javascript Button

Author: Phil Powis | 292 Downloads

This app shows how to edit a text field on a form by leveraging a JavaScript prompt. This is created ...

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QuickBase QR Code Example

Author: Phil Powis | 244 Downloads

This app leverages the Google Charts API to create a QR code. See instructions on dashboard that lin ...

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All-Star Record Headers

Author: Sam Jones | 227 Downloads

Create helpful, colorful headers for your records with quick access to your Add buttons. ...

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Forms Demo

Author: Phil Powis | 204 Downloads

If you want to use multiple forms, acessible by a button press, use this example. ...

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All-Star Action Menu

Author: Sam Jones | 181 Downloads

Create quick, easy drop down menus on your reports using formula text fields. This app gives you an ...

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Cascading CDD Example

Author: Eliza Elmer | 169 Downloads

This application will give you an example on how to set up a Cascading Conditional Drop down.You wil ...

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Google Charts Table Example

Author: Phil Powis | 165 Downloads

This app leverages the Google Charts API to create an HTML table using QuickBase data. ...

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API_GenResultsTable Demo

Author: Eric Mohlman | 144 Downloads

Provides useful examples, references, and instructions for placing QuickBase table reports into HTML ...

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Image Thumbnails

Author: Phil Powis | 143 Downloads

This application shows you an example of how to create image thumbnails on a Quickbase record that r ...

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Infinite Sub Tasks Example Tutorial

Author: Kristin Godoy | 143 Downloads

Does your project require the ability to track tasks, sub tasks, sub sub tasks, sub sub sub tasks, e ...

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Dynamic Dashboard

Author: Bill Marshall | 137 Downloads

This app shows how to create User Specific filters for dynamic dashboards. Open power point file for ...

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Delete Record Javascript Button Example

Author: Phil Powis | 122 Downloads

This app demonstrates how to create a formula URL button that leverages javascript to delete the rec ...

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Basic Conditional Dropdown Example

Author: Eliza Elmer | 110 Downloads

This application will give you a great visual of how to set up a conditional drop down per the direc ...

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Author: Phil Powis | 102 Downloads

This app demonstrates how you can use the Chartspree API to add dynamic charts on QuickBase forms th ...

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Field Hover Text Example

Author: Phil Powis | 101 Downloads

This app demonstrates how to generate hover text on a report or form by leveraging a formula - text ...

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Two Form Data Entry Application Example

Author: Phil Powis | 92 Downloads

This is a one table application that shows how to create a formula URL button to open a specific add ...

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Google Lookup Button

Author: Phil Powis | 73 Downloads

With the addition of the new Google Maps Report Type, this trick might not be needed as often, but I ...

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Serial Number Assignment Example

Author: Phil Powis | 54 Downloads

This app shows how to have a structure by which you can only assign one serial number to one custome ...

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Security Who Sees Who

Author: John Harvey | 49 Downloads

This application shows a way to allow a person to see one or more of another user's records (who see ...

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Custom Home Button Example

Author: Phil Powis | 47 Downloads

An application showing how you can create a custom home button to direct you back to an application ...

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Project Count Formula Example

Author: Kristin Godoy | 43 Downloads

Create a project ID that resets back to 1 each year. Use this application to learn the technique and ...

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Snippet Example: Custom Add Similar Button

Author: Phil Powis | 41 Downloads

One of the things that I tended to hear a lot in support was the need to add TARGETED "add similar" ...

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Sample flag clearing per record

Author: Eloyse Ellerman | 36 Downloads

This is a simple app which uses a checkbox to show each user what has changed since they last touche ...

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Display Birth Date Without Year

Author: Phil Powis | 26 Downloads

A simple formula to display a birth date without the year using Left() function. ...

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Most Recent Update Demo

Author: Phil Powis | 16 Downloads

When a client wants to display the most recent update from an append-style field, use this as your g ...

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Logout Demo

Author: Eric Mohlman | 15 Downloads

Provides an example of allowing users to log out of QuickBase when you elect to hide the elements at ...

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Sample flag clearing app

Author: Eloyse Ellerman | 15 Downloads

This is a simple app which uses a checkbox to show each user what has changed since they last touche ...

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