Basic Generic Project Manager

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This is a generic project manager which has separate tables for companies and contacts, and allows for address mapping, calendar report, and Gantt Chart (timeline) report. Good application to start with and build on for users seeking quick and easy building with basic start-up information.


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Basic starting template

By over 3 years ago

Worked well for us. We needed a highly customized App. We used this as our starting point and developed it into a more advanced customized app for our purposes.

Basic/Generic Project Manager

By over 3 years ago

A good example project but the timeline report is far from an effective tool for tracking schedule. I wish it was more like a true Gantt chart where the horizontal bars indicate % complete, there are baseline timelines for comparison, and a line indicating today’s date so % complete can be easily compared to expected progress to date. Import/export to MSProject/Primavera, etc. would be beneficial. As would a +/- zoom for date scale (day, week, month, year) and horizontal scroll bars. As a default , the timeline report should center on today’s date.

Calendar apps

By over 3 years ago

I do not like the calendar apps.  There is just not enough info to show the activity.  When you look at the calendar, you see very little, which makes it tough for scheduling.  I would also like a feature to set up a reminder for each event to send a quick text, or email to remind them about their meeting (30 min. before, 15 min before, etc..)