Agenda Minutes for Meeting Management

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This application can be used by teams who want to track agenda items and minutes in one place. It includes a role for Presenter-only use and has an optional second form to include Action and Decision fields in the Agenda.


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By over 3 years ago

Exactly what I needed to track Agenda Items for my team.

meeting minutes

By over 3 years ago

Found it difficulty to edit. Had several points under one discussion area with different people having responsibilities. Could not set up in an organized manner. Needed to rearrage points in a section and could not edit. Gave up and used a word document.

project management

By over 3 years ago

we are still reviewing the app, it appears to suit our needs and we are getting all executive staff to review.

Very Helpful

By over 3 years ago

I am using this tool to manage an offsite and it's very helpful in terms of putting together an agenda, collating input from multiple stakeholders.

By over 3 years ago

This app has come in handy for keeping a brief summary of agenda topics / discussions ready for biweekly meetings. I have also added a library to load the detail of each disussion. These items are available to all participants whenever they wish to review a previous topic.