ABC Combining SYNC and Webhooks

Author: Kirk Trachy
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This app takes Salesforce data into SYNC and then uses Webhooks to move the data into a local table. Combining SYNC and Webhooks to use API_ImportFromCSV Moving data between a SYNC table and a regular table using QuickBase Webhooks. A customer in a recent webinar needed to track certifications. Some were from Salesforce and some were entered locally using QuickBase. She needed them combined for reporting purposes and she wanted to use QuickBase to collect them. We created a QuickBase App and then a QuickBase SYNC table to pull in her Salesforce certifications. What this did was to create a read only table of all the customer's Salesforce certifications. Next we created another table to collect the manually entered certifications but that left us with two tables and they werenât combined. How to combine them? We used QuickBase Webhooks to in essence copy the Salesforce certifications into the manually created âTotal Certificationsâ table. This allowed individually added records to be added to the tables that were automatically copied from the Salesforce table. Net-net a combined certifications table. To move the data from the Salesforce table to the âTotal Certificationsâ table we used the API_ImportFromCSV API. See the video below to see how the Webhook was configured and how it behaved. This is a link to the recorded webinar: QuickBase Process and Workflow Wednesday, August 10, 2016 2:04 pm | Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00) PLAY RECORDING (57 min)


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