Coach Name
Arm  (9 Teams) 
Arm Hiberian Hibbies U10B Sched Michael Parent
Arm Montrose Eddies U10B Sched Anoop Kumar
Arm Ross County Staggies U10B Sched Steve Chapman
Arm Aberdeen Reds U10G Sched Brian Byrnes
Arm Dundee United Terrors U10G Sched Smiljan Orsic
Arm Clyde Bully Wee U12B Sched Doug Saltstein
Arm FC Rangers U12B Sched Ed Gonzalez
Arm Paris St Germaine U12G Sched Bill Zeltner
Arm Celtic U14B Sched Elvis Grgurovic
Bri  (15 Teams) 
Bri Belgium U10B Sched Alex Jelenevsky
Bri France U10B Sched Chad Ramer
Bri Germany U10B Sched Vadim Potanin
Bri Italy U10B Sched Gaspare LoDuca
Bri Netherlands U10B Sched Anthony Carpenito
Bri Portugal U10B Sched Geoffrey Unger
Bri Spain U10B Sched Andy Markowitz
Bri Argentina U10G Sched Chris Lynch
Bri Brazil U10G Sched Marc London
Bri Chile U10G Sched Jay Bar
Bri Mexico U10G Sched Paul Lightfoot
Bri Canada U12B Sched Vadim Potanin
Bri England U12B Sched Justin Barter
Bri USA U12B Sched Andrew Hammond
Bri Strikers U12G Sched Simon Fludgate
Chap  (8 Teams) 
Chap Falcons U12B Sched Missy Weddle
Chap New Castle United U12B Sched Jeffrey Friedman
Chap Jaguars U12G Sched Michael Salamida
Chap Eagles U14B Sched Rob Catarella
Chap Falcons U14B Sched Gregg Gonzalez
Chap Strikers U14G Sched Michael Salamida
Chap Chelsea U19C Sched Mark Ellis
Chap Real U19C Sched Rodrigo Ocejo
Cro  (35 Teams) 
Cro Brown U08B Sched Jason Brown
Cro Cruz U08B Sched Carlos Cruz
Cro Epprecht U08B Sched Jack Epprecht
Cro Fabian U08B Sched Genie Fabian
Cro Giorcelli U08B Sched Massimo Giorcelli
Cro Hough U08B Sched Jamie Hough
Cro Infanti U08B Sched Salvatore Infanti
Cro Otero U08B Sched Joe Otero
Cro Ramos U08B Sched Melvin Ramos
Cro Reed U08B Sched Jeremy Reed
Cro Sena U08B Sched Michael Sena
Cro Turner U08B Sched Patrick Turner
Cro  Quinlan U08G Sched Keefe Quinlan
Cro Crushers U08G Sched John Fitzgerald
Cro Gardos U08G Sched Sue Gardos
Cro Loges U08G Sched Brian Loges
Cro Mukherjee U08G Sched Raja Mukherjee
Cro Obermeier U08G Sched Vincent Obermeier
Cro North U09BX Sched Michael North
Cro Stapleton U09BX Sched Will Stapleton
Cro BILGORAY U09GX Sched Stacey Bilgoray
Cro Craig U10B Sched Rick Craig
Cro Epprecht2 U10B Sched Jake Epprecht
Cro Goni U10B Sched Andres Goni
Cro Henley U10B Sched Charles Henley
Cro Stern U10B Sched Jason Stern
Cro Boglioli U10G Sched Dan Boglioli
Cro Fenger U10G Sched Hilmar Fenger
Cro Flying Flamingos U10G Sched Victor Illonardo
Cro 3:Dynamite U12B Sched Leon Stok
Cro Martinez2 U12B Sched John Martinez
Cro Galaxy U12BX Sched Dan Cummings
Cro Fire-Breathing Dragons U12G Sched Paul Mancinelli
Cro Von Sauer U12G Sched Steven Baranowski
Cro Superstars U14G Sched Steven Baranowski
Irv  (9 Teams) 
Irv Bulldogs U09BX Sched Michael Lund
Irv Hawks U09GX Sched Heather Cloutman
Irv Barca U10B Sched Simon Burch
Irv Red Bulls U10B Sched Jay Handlfield
Irv Team 3 U10B Sched Uri Minkoff
Irv Spirit U10G Sched David Warner
Irv Team 2 U10G Sched Marlon Merlos
Irv U12BX Sched  
Irv Bulldogs 12 U12B Sched Michael Lund
MK  (7 Teams) 
MK Cosmos U10B Sched Jon Pineda
MK Foxes U10G Sched Derek Manning
MK Cosmos U12B Sched Paul I Toro
MK Foxes U12G Sched Jachie Jordan
MK Juniors U14B Sched Robert Rossellli
MK Foxes U14G Sched Ted Dixon
MK Fenerbahce U16C Sched Gurkan Badoglu
MP  (20 Teams) 
MP MP Gosto U9BX U09BX Sched Adrian Rodriguez
MP MP United U9BX U09BX Sched James Short
MP MP U9GX-1 U09GX Sched Mike Griffin
MP MP U9GX-2 U09GX Sched Claudio Petriccione
MP Travelers FC U10B Sched James Short
MP Los Gauchos U11BX Sched Luis Lewis
MP MP U12GX U11GX/U12GX Sched Max Verna
MP Gauchos U12B Sched Luis Lewis
MP MP Hawks U12B Sched John Clemente
MP MP Titans U12B Sched Beau Desimone
MP MP Wildcats U12B Sched James Puma
MP Los Gauchos U12BX Sched Luis Lewis
MP FC Wildcats U12G Sched Giacomo Arianna
MP Jaguars U12G Sched Max Verna
MP Lightning U12G Sched Don Halbauer
MP The Lady Gunners U12G Sched Mark Raguso
MP Bullets U14G Sched Patrick Lyden
MP The Storm U14G Sched Matt Manfredi
MP MP Cosmos U19C Sched Frank Charbonier
MP MP Red Bulls U19C Sched Ed Vogel
MP-Pleas  (1 Team)  
MP-Pleas Gauchos U14B Sched Luis Lewis
Oss  (49 Teams) 
Oss Chivas U08B Sched Alex Jeffrey
Oss Crew U08B Sched Rick Tiberii
Oss Dynamo U08B Sched Ben Zebelman
Oss Earthquakes U08B Sched Pete Duran
Oss Fire U08B Sched Brad Cauthen
Oss Galaxy U08B Sched Guy Dimiceli
Oss Impact U08B Sched Ted Thompson
Oss Rapids U08B Sched Jason Rovenger
Oss Real U08B Sched Becky Lepore
Oss Red Bulls U08B Sched Eric Fermann
Oss Revolution U08B Sched Dori Acampora
Oss Sounders U08B Sched Allison Mitchell
Oss Sporting U08B Sched Dan Lange
Oss Timbers U08B Sched Curtis Bridgewater
Oss Union U08B Sched Sebastian Montenegro
Oss White Caps U08B Sched Ian Japal
Oss Connecticut U08G Sched Mike McManus
Oss Duke U08G Sched Bill Saich
Oss Notre Dame U08G Sched Shay Fitzpatrick
Oss Penn U08G Sched John Temple
Oss Stamford U08G Sched Jennifer Smith
Oss UCLA U08G Sched Sydney Dreasky
Oss Dynamite U09BX Sched Kris Lynch
Oss Strikers U09GX Sched Jennifer Smith
Oss Arsenal U10B Sched Ben Leavitt
Oss Chelsea U10B Sched Richard Bobadilla
Oss Everton U10B Sched Claudio Nugra
Oss Liverpool U10B Sched Daniel Stahlie
Oss Manchester U10B Sched Guojing Cong
Oss Swansea U10B Sched Enver Dzaferovic
Oss Tottenham U10B Sched Orin Douglas
Oss West Brom U10B Sched Hank Wang
Oss AC Milan U10G Sched Mike Mione
Oss Inter Milan U10G Sched Giorgio Vinces
Oss Jueventus U10G Sched Bill Farrell
Oss Lazio U10G Sched Rose Marie Jost
Oss Athletico U12B Sched Kofi Boateng
Oss Malaga U12B Sched Gustavo Felipe
Oss Real Madrid U12B Sched Derrick Williams
Oss Valencia U12B Sched Jenny Perez
Oss Germany U12BX Sched Kavir Fotedar
Oss Lyon U12G Sched Franklin Encalada
Oss Marseille U12G Sched Peg Cioffi
Oss Monaco U12G Sched Frank Schnecker
Oss PSG U12G Sched Michele Gunn
Oss Argentina U14B Sched Jhonny Urgiles
Oss Ivory Coast U14B Sched Freddy Rivera
Oss Spain U14B Sched Glenn Fancie
Oss Bayern U14G Sched Bob Kane
Pleas  (18 Teams) 
Pleas Panthers U09BX Sched Scott Searle
Pleas Panthers U09GX Sched Chris Beck
Pleas AC Milan U10B Sched Ed Chai
Pleas Arsenal U10B Sched Jennifer McInerney
Pleas Barcelona U10B Sched Scott Searle
Pleas Bayern Munich U10B Sched Matt Wolf
Pleas Liverpool U10B Sched Niall Dillane
Pleas Real Madrid U10B Sched Tim Wike
Pleas Shamrock Rovers U10B Sched Quentin Kelly
Pleas Cheetahs U10G Sched Dan DiPietro
Pleas Jaguars U10G Sched Dan Wish
Pleas Panthers U10G Sched Pam Sokich
Pleas Tigers U10G Sched Aron Baxter
Pleas Wolves U10G Sched Chris Beck
Pleas Hurricanes U12B Sched Kerry Cooper
Pleas Falcons U12G Sched Mohammed    Fayaz
Pleas Sharks U14G Sched Marc Vavolizza
Pleas Panthers U19C Sched Dave Hill
RUFC  (10 Teams) 
RUFC Arsenal U12B Sched Dietmar Serbee
RUFC Aston Villa U12B Sched Todd Restler
RUFC Chelsea U12B Sched Kevin McNulty
RUFC Liverpool U12B Sched Bernard Carr
RUFC Southampton U12B Sched Peter Ciszewski
RUFC City U12G Sched Vladimir Bajic
RUFC Cosmos U12G Sched Jim Cifelli
RUFC Red Bulls U12G Sched Lawrence Levin
RUFC Madrid U14B Sched Tim Collins
RUFC Barcelona U14G Sched Adrian Block
Tar  (17 Teams) 
Tar Argentina U10B Sched Pedro Correira
Tar Denmark U10B Sched Francisco Mendieta
Tar England U10B Sched Ed Greenberg
Tar France U10B Sched Brian Rauer
Tar Greece U10B Sched Jamie Chuchuca
Tar Australia U10G Sched David Kaplan
Tar Brazil U10G Sched Tracey Koch
Tar Germany  U10G Sched Matt Clayton
Tar Hurricanes U12B Sched Dan Black
Tar Lightning U12B Sched Peter Desimini
Tar Monsoons U12B Sched Hernan Lopez
Tar Storm U12B Sched Jordan Bernstein
Tar Cougars U12G Sched Matt Weidner
Tar Jaguars U12G Sched Howard Allen
Tar Condors U14B Sched Jordan Becker
Tar Comets U14G Sched Garie Love
Tar Spartans U19C Sched Jeremy Feigelson
Yor  (2 Teams) 
Yor Screaming Sharks U12G Sched Jennifer Muller
Yor U14C`Green Grenades (Coed) Sched Steve Scott
  Town Number of
Arm 9
Bri 15
Chap 8
Cro 35
Irv 9
MK 7
MP 20
MP-Pleas 1
Oss 49
Pleas 18
Tar 17
Yor 2
  Totals (13 groups) 200

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