Coach Name
Arm  (9 Teams) 
Arm Fiorentina U10B Sched Andrew Berkowitz
Arm Juventus U10B Sched Gary Ishkanian
Arm Milan U10B Sched Doug Saltstein
Arm Hearts U10G Sched Smiljan Orsic
Arm Inter Milan U10G Sched Jason Berland
Arm Celtic U12B Sched Elvis Grgurovic
Arm Napoli U12B Sched John Krupa
Arm Roma U12G Sched Mark Lieberman
Arm Rangers U14B Sched Michael Poppo
Bri  (13 Teams) 
Bri France U10B Sched Howard Klar
Bri Germany U10B Sched Chris Caparelli
Bri Ireland U10B Sched Alec Miller
Bri Italy U10B Sched Vadim Potanin
Bri Spain U10B Sched Andy Markowitz
Bri Argentina U10G Sched Chris Lynch
Bri Brazil U10G Sched Cicci Culotta
Bri Chile U10G Sched Simon Fludgate
Bri Mexico U10G Sched Tom Richer
Bri England U12B Sched Justin Barter
Bri USA U12B Sched Woody Hong
Bri Rowdies U12G Sched Howard Klar
Bri Strikers U12G Sched Andrew Markowitz
Chap  (9 Teams) 
Chap Dynamo U12B Sched Gregg Gonzalez
Chap Galaxy U12B Sched Brad Foote
Chap Fire U12BX Sched Brad Foote
Chap Stars U12G Sched Michael Salamida
Chap Eagles U14B Sched Rob Catarella
Chap Falcons U14B Sched Ben Soule
Chap Thunder U14G Sched Steve Kuhn
Chap Chelsea U19C Sched Mark Ellis
Chap Real U19C Sched Rodrigo Ocejo
Cro  (36 Teams) 
Cro 10: United U08B Sched Craig Terboss
Cro 1: flying pandas U08B Sched Alicia Pascale Goni
Cro 2:dancing bears U08B Sched Richard Szkodzinski
Cro 3:crushers U08B Sched Patrick Turner
Cro 4:banana crushers U08B Sched John Ross
Cro 5:team impossible U08B Sched Patrick Delasho
Cro 6:panthers U08B Sched Andy Gould
Cro 7:lions U08B Sched Jared Forth
Cro 8:giants U08B Sched Mike North
Cro 9:bees U08B Sched Andrew Opel
Cro 1:flower power U08G Sched Stacey Bilgoray
Cro 2:crushers U08G Sched John Fitzgerald
Cro 3:flying flamingos U08G Sched Victor Illonardo
Cro 4:live love soccer U08G Sched Jeff Slippen
Cro 5:tigers U08G Sched Brian Gield
Cro U8G Quinlan Sched Keefe Quinlan
Cro Falcons U09BX Sched Ross Erskine
Cro Tiger Strikers U09BX Sched Robert Gardos
Cro 1:crashers U10B Sched John Phillips
Cro 2:panthers U10B Sched Charles Henley
Cro 3:Dynamite U10B Sched Leon Stok
Cro 5:croton fusion U10B Sched Kevin Kearns
Cro Galaxy U10BX Sched Dan Cummings
Cro 1:revolution U10G Sched German Voss
Cro 2:sounders U10G Sched Phil Grunes
Cro 3:storm U10G Sched Kate Fabian
Cro 5:alligators U10G Sched Hilmar Fenger
Cro Blue Lightning U10GX Sched Nigel Ravelo
Cro Croton Comets U10GX Sched Robert Sendlenski
Cro Cobras U11GX Sched Kevin Kearns
Cro 1:Fire 'n' Ice U12B Sched Chris O'Keefe
Cro Orange Crush U12BX Sched Chris Burke
Cro 1:tennants U12G Sched Jonathan Liebowitz
Cro 2:Smiths U12G Sched Amy Von Sauer
Cro Superstars U12GX Sched Matt Mager
Cro Radicals U14G Sched Toni Feliu
Irv  (7 Teams) 
Irv Green Dragons U09GX Sched Mike Friedlander
Irv White Hornets U09GX Sched Jason Pollack
Irv Bulldogs C U10B Sched Ally McRae
Irv Bulldogs X U10BX Sched Michael Lund
Irv FC Dynamite U10G Sched Jason Pollack
Irv Green Lightning U10G Sched Mike Friedlander
Irv Sunny Dogs U10G Sched Wayne Heller
MK  (7 Teams) 
MK Cosmos U10B Sched Jon Pineda
MK Foxes U10G Sched Marc MAllon
MK Cosmos U12B Sched Darren Susi
MK Foxes U12G Sched Jachie Jordan
MK Juniors U14B Sched Robert Rossellli
MK Foxes U14G Sched Vincent Topoff
MK Fenerbahce U16C Sched Gurkan BAdoglu
MP  (22 Teams) 
MP Gosto U09BX Sched Adrian Rodriguez
MP Mohawks U09BX Sched Brian Marto
MP Gunners U09GX Sched Mark Raguso
MP Los Gauchos U10BX Sched Luis Lewis
MP AC Dare Devils U10GX Sched Pete Curtin
MP Los Gauchos U11BX Sched Luis Lewis
MP AC Wildcats U11GX Sched Joseph Lembo
MP Gauchos U12B Sched Luis Lewis
MP Hawks U12B Sched John Clemente
MP Strikers U12B Sched Ali Tarchoun
MP Titans U12B Sched Beau Desimone
MP Dolphins U12G Sched Patrick O'Sullivan
MP Jaguars U12G Sched Max Verna
MP Lightning U12G Sched Don Halbauer
MP Strikers U12G Sched Bill Clark
MP Team 5 U12G Sched Patrick Lyden
MP Flash U12GX Sched Max Verna
MP Team 1 U14B Sched Chris Corrao
MP The Storm U14G Sched Matthew Manfredi
MP The Warriors U14G Sched Sean Brosnan
MP Cosmos U19C Sched Frank Charbonier
MP Split U19C Sched Ed Vogel
NSal  (11 Teams) 
NSal Tigers U09BX Sched Stephen Viebrock
NSal Mendelsohn U10B Sched Gary Mendelsohn
NSal Serra U10B Sched Anthony Serra
NSal Tolman U10B Sched Christopher Tolman
NSal Trageser U10B Sched Al Trageser
NSal Conway U10G Sched Joe Conway
NSal DeMasi U10G Sched Joe DeMasi
NSal McGovern U10G Sched Andy McGovern
NSal Tigers U10GX Sched Andy Pelosi
NSal Dutt U12G Sched David Dutt
NSal Jolley U12G Sched Frank Jolley
Oss  (47 Teams) 
Oss Chivas U08B Sched Sylvana Trabout
Oss Crew U08B Sched Rick Tiberii
Oss Dynamo U08B Sched Ben Zebelman
Oss Earthquakes U08B Sched Pete Duran
Oss Fire U08B Sched Brad Cauthen
Oss Galaxy U08B Sched Guy Dimiceli
Oss Impact U08B Sched Mike Kellas
Oss Rapids U08B Sched Noel Hoffman
Oss Real U08B Sched Cynthia Arcorussell
Oss Red Bulls U08B Sched Andres Castro
Oss Revolution U08B Sched Kris Lynch
Oss Sounders U08B Sched Allison Mitchell
Oss Sporting U08B Sched Dan Lange
Oss Timbers U08B Sched Richard Bobadilla
Oss Union U08B Sched Guojing Cong
Oss White Caps U08B Sched Michael Knopp
Oss Carolina U08G Sched Ted Thompson
Oss Connecticut U08G Sched Arnold Swan
Oss Duke U08G Sched Bob Kane
Oss Notre Dame U08G Sched Suzanne McRae
Oss Penn U08G Sched Anthony Murray
Oss Stamford U08G Sched Kirstin Schnecker
Oss UCLA U08G Sched Sydney Dreasky
Oss United U09BX Sched Marc Wittekind
Oss Lightning U09GX Sched Sharon Edmonds
Oss Arsenal U10B Sched Mike Salmon
Oss Chelsea U10B Sched Bob Squirrell
Oss Everton U10B Sched Pam Sassano
Oss Liverpool U10B Sched Daniel Stahlie
Oss Manchester U10B Sched Kevin Augustus
Oss Tottenham U10B Sched Mike Mione
Oss West Brom U10B Sched Ron Humer
Oss AC Milan U10G Sched Valerie Monastra
Oss Inter Milan U10G Sched Chris Tesoro
Oss Jueventus U10G Sched Peg Cioffi
Oss Lazio U10G Sched Frank Schnecker
Oss Napoli U10G Sched Kevin Brail
Oss Rockets U11GX Sched Coleen Petrullo
Oss Athletico U12B Sched Shay Fitzpatrick
Oss Barcelona U12B Sched Kavir Fotedar
Oss Real Madrid U12B Sched Ryan Waterman
Oss Valencia U12B Sched RA Vernon
Oss Lyon U12G Sched Michelle Urgiles
Oss Marseille U12G Sched Joe Rinaldi
Oss Argentina U14B Sched Luis Dutan
Oss Ivory Coast U14B Sched Freddy Rivera
Oss Bayern U14G Sched Ray Henshaw
Pleas  (17 Teams) 
Pleas Bayern Munich U10B Sched Josh Marlow
Pleas Juventus U10B Sched Don Kluge
Pleas Manchester United - Folded U10B Sched Jeremy Levine
Pleas Manchester United U10B Sched Jeremy Levine
Pleas Cheetahs U10G Sched Alex Linss
Pleas Jaguars U10G Sched Adam Procell
Pleas Leopards U10G Sched Rich Derizans
Pleas Lions U10G Sched Eric Weitzman
Pleas Pumas U10G Sched Dennis Peters
Pleas Cosmos U12B Sched Ira Promisel
Pleas Galaxy U12B Sched Larry Boes
Pleas Barracudas U12G Sched Michael Cusack
Pleas Piranhas U12G Sched Ira Promisel
Pleas Sharks U12G Sched Marc vavolizza
Pleas Green Panthers U14B Sched Paul Loring
Pleas Olympians U14G Sched Phil Touitou
Pleas Panthers U16C Sched Dave Hill
RUFC  (13 Teams) 
RUFC B05 Anacondas U09BX Sched Rich Silverstein
RUFC B05 Rapid U09BX Sched Jason Barnett
RUFC B05 Spartans U09BX Sched Thanos Kotronis
RUFC G05 Lady Panthers U09GX Sched Hugh Wilmot
RUFC G05 Storm U09GX Sched Robert Fromm
RUFC Aston Villa U12B Sched Matthew Scott-Hansen
RUFC Liverpool U12B Sched Dietmar Serbee
RUFC Spurs U12B Sched Kevin McNulty
RUFC Everton U12G Sched Wayne Hutchinson
RUFC Newcastle U12G Sched Adam Segal
RUFC Swansea U12G Sched Rohan Harrison
RUFC Madrid U14B Sched Rich Silverstein
RUFC Barcelona U14G Sched Elias Eliopoulos
Som  (2 Teams) 
Som Dragonflies U09GX Sched Colleen Lyle
Som Hurricane U12GX Sched Paul DeFeo
Tar  (33 Teams) 
Tar Legends U09BX Sched Fergus O'Sullivan
Tar Argentina U10B Sched Gary Fairley
Tar Denmark U10B Sched Francisco Mendieta
Tar England U10B Sched Daniel Leviatin
Tar France U10B Sched Hernan Lopez
Tar Greece U10B Sched Peter Desimini
Tar Holland U10B Sched Daniel Black
Tar Spain U10B Sched Aniello Ricchiuti
Tar Sweden U10B Sched John Gianni
Tar Tornadoes U10BX Sched Colin Gallagher
Tar Australia U10G Sched David Kaplan
Tar Brazil U10G Sched Sean Murphy
Tar Canada U10G Sched Ralph Zednik
Tar Finland U10G Sched Matt Evans
Tar Italy U10G Sched Chris Vacca
Tar Japan U10G Sched Anthony Iannarelli
Tar Strikers U10GX Sched Matt Evans
Tar Girls Extra U11GX Sched John Sutherland
Tar Hurricanes U12B Sched Christopher Arnold
Tar Lightning U12B Sched Jay Turner
Tar Monsoons U12B Sched Juan Cobos
Tar Storm U12B Sched David Rose
Tar Boys Extra U12BX Sched Gary Fairley
Tar Cougars U12G Sched Alex Chambers
Tar Jaguars U12G Sched Howard Allen
Tar Panthers U12G Sched Cathy Ruhland-Maus
Tar Pumas U12G Sched John Sutherland
Tar Girls Extra U12GX Sched Tom Schumacher
Tar Condors U14B Sched Matthew Brennan
Tar Eagles U14B Sched Paul Morgan
Tar Comets U14G Sched Ed Matera
Tar Goths U19C Sched Jesus Loyola
Tar Spartans U19C Sched Jeremy Feigelson
Yor  (2 Teams) 
Yor Green Grenades U12B Sched Stephen Scott
Yor Shooting Stars U12G Sched John Neofytides
  Town Number of
Arm 9
Bri 13
Chap 9
Cro 36
Irv 7
MK 7
MP 22
NSal 11
Oss 47
Pleas 17
Som 2
Tar 33
Yor 2
  Totals (14 groups) 228

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