Team Name
Coach Name
Coach Phone
Coach e-mail
Asst. Name
Asst Phone
Asst. E-mail
Team contact
Contact Phone
Contact e-mail
Chap  (1 Team)  
  U12BX Fire Sched Brad Foote 914-419-3614 Missy Fabel 917-224-4502      
Cro  (4 Teams) 
U09BX North Sched Michael North 917-453-6575            
U09BX Stapleton Sched Will Stapleton 6463521168            
U09GX BILGORAY Sched Stacey Bilgoray 9143291963            
U12BX Galaxy Sched Dan Cummings (914) 271-4926 
Irv  (3 Teams) 
U09BX Bulldogs Sched Michael Lund 914-255-6544            
U09GX Hawks Sched Heather Cloutman 917 575 0422            
U11BX/U12BX U12BX Sched                  
MP  (16 Teams) 
  U09BX Gosto Sched Adrian Rodriguez 646-523-0166 James Short 914-449-6663      
  U09BX Mohawks Sched Brian Marto 914-584-5978            
U09BX MP Gosto U9BX Sched Adrian Rodriguez 914-623-8381            
U09BX MP United U9BX Sched James Short 914-260-3825 Adrian Rodriguez 914-623-8381      
  U09GX Gunners Sched Mark Raguso 914-318-3599 David Fourie 914-275-5094      
U09GX MP U9GX-1 Sched Mike Griffin            
U09GX MP U9GX-2 Sched Claudio Petriccione Kyu Lee      
  U10BX MP U10BX-1 Sched                  
  U10BX MP U10BX-2 Sched                  
  U10GX AC Dare Devils Sched Pete Curtin (914) 769-4229 Matt manfredi 914-490-4307 Rick Leite 914-606-0034
U11BX Los Gauchos Sched Luis Lewis (917) 510-5816 Bill Julian 914-589-6608      
  U11BX Los Gauchos Sched Luis Lewis 917-510-5816 Angelo Perna 914-473-3830 Bill Julian 914-589-6608
  U11GX AC Wildcats Sched Joseph Lembo (914) 769-7010 Steve Theriault      
U11GX/U12GX MP U12GX Sched Max Verna                
U12BX Los Gauchos Sched Luis Lewis 917-510-5816 Angelo Perna 914-473-3830      
  U12GX Flash Sched Max Verna (203) 561-9669 Anthony Portera (917) 796-0639      
NSal  (2 Teams) 
  U09BX Tigers Sched Stephen Viebrock 914-261-9408 Andrew Litchfield 845-490-1234      
  U10GX Tigers Sched Andy Pelosi 914-629-6726 Joe DeMasi      
Oss  (3 Teams) 
U09BX Dynamite Sched Kris Lynch (914) 923-5078            
U09GX Strikers Sched Jennifer Smith (914) 944-0299 Kirstin Reynolds      
U12BX Germany Sched Kavir Fotedar (914) 432-5562 Ade Tukuru (914) 373-4419      
Pleas  (2 Teams) 
U09BX Panthers Sched Scott Searle (917) 767-9684            
U09GX Panthers Sched Chris Beck (914) 329-0812            
Som  (2 Teams) 
  U09GX Dragonflies Sched Colleen Lyle 914-659-0445 Heathre Maguire 9148266085      
  U12GX Hurricane Sched Paul DeFeo 914-263-8531       Caren Vogel 9145846010

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