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Citizen Development & Automation Hub: Evolving your citizen development strategy to increase agility

  1. The Evolution of Citizen Development
  2. The Maturity Model
  3. 4 Keys to Citizen Development Success
  4. The Value of a Modern Citizen Development Strategy

The Evolution of Citizen Development

Citizen development, broadly, is giving subject matter experts in the business the ability to take a more active and proactive role in building applications to deliver insights into critical data and drive workflow. And it is no longer a nice-to-have – it is a business necessity. To be successful in the future and keep up with leading organizations, citizen development has to be part of your business strategy. 6,000+ Quickbase customers are separating themselves from the competition by leveraging citizen development.

Industry experts are confirming this growth. Gartner, for instance, expects that “By 2023, the number of active citizen developers at large enterprises will be at least four times the number of professional developers.”

Citizen development is also now seen as a part of the wider citizen automation landscape, reacting to the major forces of democratization and interconnectedness. With data analytics and citizen integration as a part of this larger practice, citizen development is much more connected to major goals across organizations. IT has recognized that they can no longer keep up with the pace of change on its own, leading to a stronger demand for rapid-cycle innovation. Utilizing rapid-cycle innovation to take a dual-track transformation approach will put the entire business into action for transformation efforts, not simply IT. Since citizen development is such an effective way to drive rapid-cycle innovation, it is coming out of the shadows and being embraced by IT as a strategy for operational agility and continuous improvement. Organizations are finding immense success when the entire business is involved in transformation with a citizen development practice

We cannot cover the sun with our thumb.  There is just too much demand for IT. You have to build a framework and leave freedom in that framework.

Javier Polit
Javier Polit
CIO of Mondelez