What Google Glass Means for Your Work Day

Google Glass at WorkFirst of all, does it mean anything?

The initial buzz around Google Glass focused on consumer usage: taking photos, recording video, playing games, getting directions, etc.

Over at PC Mag, however, Samara Lynn has made the leap.  Here’s what Lynn has to say regarding how and why Google Glass will find its way into business:

“We can’t ignore that the IT business landscape has changed. It’s no longer about IT telling a worker: “Here’s your work-assigned computer, here are the programs you are allowed to use, and have at it.” It’s now the worker asking IT: “These are technology devices I use in my daily life. How can I get my work done with them?”  The consumerization of IT is one big reason why Google Glass will find its way into enterprises.

Here’s where you might see it sooner rather than later:

Custom business app stores.

As with smartphones, Google Glass will be all about the apps. An emerging trend is the apps store being tailored for business. Companies will custom-make business app stores for clients and present workers with new ways to get their jobs done.  Employees will get involved too.  Google Glass app development actually opens up a new area for intrapreneurship, or the process of innovation within the context of an established organization.

Integration with video conferencing.

According to Lynn, this may be the biggest motivator for using Google Glass in a business environment. Imagine being anywhere, tapping your glasses, and connecting to a global meeting. Google Glass plus collaborative video conferencing has big potential.

A more palatable, streamlined device.

Sure the glasses look silly now, but as the technology matures, the device will get smaller and lighter.  In their current form, you probably can’t imagine a group of your colleagues wearing them to a board meeting, but what if they were more practical and stylish?  Google Glass could well be the workplace accessory of the near future.

Seamless enterprise integration.

At the end of the day, Google Glass is just another mobile device and will be integrated into the enterprise network.  With the proliferation of social technologies, security regulations have loosened sufficiently, and the leakage common with mobile devices is being better addressed with new innovations every day.  Google Glass can easily take its place among the Androids and iPhones.

Do you want to try Google Glass?  What would you use it for?

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  • TalkSense

    How will Google Glass help with videoconferencing? You’ll still need a camera at a distance and it makes no sense to spend thousands on Glass devices for all members of the conference rather than one thousand or less on some large screens. “Being anywhere” to join a videoconference? Not unless you intend to have two pairs, take one off and hold it at arms length pointing towards you.

    Google Glass seems to be a solution to a problem noone has thought of yet.

    • It won’t be selling for thousands of dollars in a few years now.

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  • Ron

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