iPad Release - QuickBase is now compatible with the iPad

Quick Base News
Apr 8, 2010
3 Min Read

We’re pretty excited about the iPad here at QuickBase.  The interface is beautiful and graphics are gorgeous, not to mention the iPad is perfect for QuickBase.  Specifically we've been thinking about how tablets, not just the iPad, could change how people do their jobs, especially those working in the field.  We heard you ask about QuickBase on the iPad and we’re on it.  The combination of QuickBase and the iPad is really powerful, which is why, after we discovered that not all of the functionality of QuickBase was functioning, we released a patch.

The patch went out late last night—so for anyone who tried QuickBase on your iPad, try it again today!

As a Product Manager, I’m really curious—will you/your company get an iPad?  Do you already have one?  How do you think it will change your work?  Will you run QuickBase on it?  I’d love to collect some use cases to understand how important a platform it will be for us and our customers.  Please leave us a comment below or submit a feature request.

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