EMPOWER 2016 - Empowering Citizen Developers the Right Way

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Mar 3, 2016
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empower 2016 - empowering citizen developers the right way

empower 2016 - empowering citizen developers the right wayWe are looking forward to Alec Sprague’s EMPOWER 2016 Session “Empowering Citizen Developers the Right Way.” Sprague, Database Developer at The Public Interest Network, will be discussing the lessons he’s learned by employing our low-code rapid app development platform, QuickBase, in a nonprofit setting, where doing more with less and empowering citizen developers is a way of life.

“We're a network of nonprofit organizations that started small and grew tremendously over the past few decades. We're scrappy. We operate on shoestring budgets to maximize our benefit to society,” says Sprague. “We do as much as we can "in- house" instead of hiring outside help - from accounting to staff recruitment to our systems and tools. So, in effect, we have always relied on citizen developers.”

Over the past year, The Public Interest Network has been making a big push at digital transformation, asking its stakeholders to bring their vision and hands-on insights to the table in the development of new tools and systems. This initiative of innovation from the ground up has resulted in the creation of dozens of applications and tools used by hundreds of staff at state, regional, and national nonprofit organizations. Gigs of data have been transferred into the cloud to better capture and share the information that is most important to the stakeholders.

A few examples of citizen developer led transformation at The Public Interest Network include moving the HR department from flurries of emails to an online communication tool built by the Personnel Director, with weekly support calls from Alec’s team; teasing out a tracking system to simplify the complex work of Grants Reporting; and offering a database development training program for staff to open their minds to the possibilities that QuickBase offers.

“One of the things we like the most about QuickBase is that it's so accessible,” Sprague says. “We get more and better ideas, as well as having people follow through on their own concepts rather than taking the reins from them.”

Sprague’s session will run through the biggest takeaways and best practices he’s learned from empowering people to build out better systems.

“I'm really excited to be participating at EMPOWER 2016. I attended EMPOWER 2015 last year and learned a lot; it was an invaluable experience. I'm looking forward to having this opportunity to give back and share our story of digital transformation so that others can benefit from our mistakes, successes, and lessons learned,” he says.

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