EMPOWER 2015 – QuickBase Partner Trinity Set to Speak

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Mar 24, 2015
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I am excited to announce Trinity will be speaking at EMPOWER 2015 and that we will also be exhibiting as a Platinum sponsor at the inaugural QuickBase user conference in Chicago. Trinity has been a QuickBase Solution Partner for over 11 years and has the motto: “If you can define it, we can build it.”

Ever wonder how to increase productivity, improve service levels, and upgrade the quality of your output? Every day, Trinity helps our QuickBase clients achieve just that…with amazing results. We combine business process improvement and QuickBase application development like no one else to drive bottom line results.

At EMPOWER 2015, the Trinity team will be demonstrating a few of the ways we’ve done just that. At one of our breakout speaker sessions, a healthcare client of ours will be showing how they achieved major business transformation and can now significantly grow their business more profitably. At another session, we’ll be showing how to build out your QuickBase apps for maximum effectiveness using native, hybrid, and full custom development methods.

When you visit the Trinity booth in the Exhibit Hall, we will show you really cool apps that will spark new ideas on how you can take your QuickBase apps to the next level. Could your business use an interactive calendar to easily schedule resources in QuickBase? Could your business use barcode scanning and labeling integrated with inventory management? Also, stop by to learn how to use Grid Edit like you’ve never seen before (we like to call it Grid Edit on Steroids).

EMPOWER 2015 can be a launching pad for you to build even better QuickBase apps and help your teams achieve greater success. With knowledgeable speakers and a wealth of resources, everyone will walk away with new techniques that they can immediately apply. If you have not done so already, be sure to register now.

The Trinity team looks forward to meeting you personally at EMPOWER 2015. Follow us on Twitter at @QSP_Trinity or visit us at www.trinityis.com. Need some assistance now? Our discovery sessions are free and we can put together a proposal for you that will put you on a clear path to success.

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